Thursday, 22 April 2010


This was me yesterday:

This is me now:

Not a massive difference, but it's not been this short for a good 7 years. Feels so weird. With my luck, if I decide I like it, it'll grow back fast (It does that) or if I decide that its too short, it'll take years to get anywhere near the length it originally was (It does that too).

At clinic on Weds, I gained weight again (I'm getting good at this!) so I'm now 46.2kg and my LF is back up to mid-high 70%s despite me feeling not really like it. But I'm really happy about this as it meant for the first time in a fair few clinic appts, no cipro, IVs or anything were mentioned. I did tell the Dr about the hemo I stupidly managed to cause by running across campus at college on Saturday. He said it was probably just b/c of all the coughing (well yeah, but it doesn't happen much so it still scared the fuck out of me). My dietitian finally did the annual review she'd been meaning to get round to. And now she wants me to do a glucose test thing. Which means on the 26th May, people at clinic are NOT gonna be seeing the nice side of me, at 9am, hungry as hell, stuck in a room for a few hours.

One bad thing about clinic was the nurse who flushed my port. She managed to make it really hurt when she put the needle in (which is odd for me as I rarely ever even notice it b/c I'm so used to it), she managed to make the port bleed back, and it's never done that in the 2 1/2 yrs I've had this one. And, to top it off, when she took out the needle, it hurt 10x more than putting the needle in. I actually yelled 'OW!!' when she did it. And I never do that. The second she backed off, I walked straight out the room and left. Another nurse saw I was pissed off and followed, asking what was up, and I told him that the nurse who just flushed my port is never, ever getting near me again. I have no idea what she did, but she did it wrong, and my ports been sore since. Fair enough, it was kind of sore the past few days too, so I was slightly apprehensive about this port flush, but now I'm really worried shes wrecked it somehow. Which means I get to do my whole paranoid thing about it until my next appt.

Add this to the fact she was speaking to me like I was a completely dense, and it's probably a good thing I was distracted with my port b/c I wasn't above extending my middle finger in her direction. Suffice to say, if I hadn't gotten a fit technician for lung function, I would have had a really crap day.


Ruth Jay said...

I think your hair looks nice :)

and congrats on the weight and LF results! excellent news, I'm sure you'll start to feel the effects of the higher LF at some stage x

Lauren said...

great hair :) thats the kind of change i did a few months ago but now considering chopping 80% of it off, i moult like a biatch and am fed up of scummy hair clumps following me around everywhere on my bed/clothes/floor etc!

well done on clinic. and woohoo for fit hospital staff :D

got a blog coming up with lots of changes over weekend :) XX

MBNAD woman said...

Very nice haircut.

Mad x

Laura's medical journey said...

i like your new hair cut. and well done on the weight. wish i could do the same. what with feed hopefully i will gain now!
and i understand about the nurses. maybe she was inexperienced in it? i have student nurses coming to try out putting my button PEG in because they have never done it before. it was sore for me last time she changed it.

Anonymous said...

looks the same to me!

Anonymous said...

I think you look fit in the first pic.

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