Thursday, 1 April 2010

Chance of normality.

I went out last Saturday, and I loved seeing people. A night out that I really needed :)

I actually have a week off college this week. If we're being technical, it's just a day off as it's only Saturdays, but I'll be going out again this Sat for a friend's leaving party. At least I've got that to look forward to rather than a full two weeks doing bugger all.


I finished IVs on Weds. I was thrilled about that b/c I thought I finished on Thurs till I checked the fridge to see how much was left. And there was only one syringe and one bubble left, so, FREEDOM! It's so so so nice to be free of that damn needle after three weeks. Especially as, for the needle change between the third and second week, the needle felt like it was at an angle. What had happened, was that the nurse had obviously tried to avoid putting the needle exactly where the previous one had just been, and it was basically at the very edge of my port. One side of the gripper didn't have any port to rest on, and it felt like it was going to be so easily knocked out (which didn't help Saturday night when people run at you and hug you. It hurt!)

I think the IVs have worked well. I mean, I don't feel like crap all the time anymore, and my cough isn't as harsh sounding as it was.

I'm beyond determined to get back to lasting three months between IVs again. So if I have my way, I won't be needing IVs again till July. Which is after college ends too. (I think. I'm pretty sure we finish in June at some point). I still haven't heard anything from UCAS, it's being such a bitch. I don't have any back up plans and this year is technically a gap year, as whilst I'm technically on a college course, it's not a full time, several days a week course.

I've confused myself. Bottom line is, that I need an answer from UCAS b/c I'm as sick of bitching about it as you are of reading it.


Gem said...

God! UCAS are taking their time aren't they!! The waiting is the worst part! Really hope they get their backsides into gear and give you some answers soooon! So glad the IV's made you feel better!!! Keeping my fingers crossed you go 3 months without needing more! Xx

Gemma said...

my sister in law just got her place at uni but she is applying for art courses and I think those get sent off first? So perhaps yours will start coming through soon!
I hate it when the nurses try to avoid putting the needle in the same place, they usually pull my skin accross abit which makes it uncomfortable for the week as it stretches the skin when I move my arm!

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