Sunday, 30 January 2011

I'm currently surviving on 5 hours sleep.

Possibly less.

And I have no idea how.

I went out to town for a friends birthday last night (friday) and basically about 7 hours straight on my feet in Newcastle. Didn't sit down, just danced away and my feet screamed at me b/c my boots hurt like hell after a while (but that's how you know it looks good ;) fuck it if you disagree, I live by that rule :D)

Not too many photos were taken. I know I take a million and one in general, but I've made it my mission to take as many as possible at all my friend's 20ths. Well, starting from last Friday anyway.

And for the record, it's no longer Twenty. It's Twenteen. B/c if we can still get ID'd everywhere and laugh at stupid and immature stuff and do silly quizzes in magazines with your best friends at 10 am when you're half asleep and laughing at each other's drunken cringes of the night before...

Then goddammit I still consider myself a teenager.

But yeah, ridiculous levels of fun was had, and I was so so so tired a few hours ago. Now I'm not. Well, I am a bit, but I'm way more wired than I was. I think it's a combination of the several teas I had throughout the day, and over tiredness I guess. I could easily ramble on to hell and back but it's not even making much sense to me so... ahaha.



Gem said...

I will always call myself a teenager. I'm not mature enough to be an adult yet! hahaha! I still laugh when people burp for god's sake! hahaha!

Hope you managed to get some sleep in the end!


JenniLeigh said...

Peter pan had the idea.
I also refuse to believe I'm not a teenager anymore, definately twenteen. =) xx

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