Saturday, 12 February 2011

Simple things.

Okay, getting tired of whining. Seriously. So... I'm making a post about everything that's made me smile recently.

  • Our aherm... rather lovely model for one of the projects. Texting Gem kept me nicely occupied. And the fact that the photos turned out really well, is a massive bonus. 
  • The equally lovely boxer I was paying more attention to rather than helping a friend on a shoot. In fairness, there wasn't much for me to do. Except admire his muscles. So I wasn't complaining (Till he left, but you can't have it all...)
  • The cards I get off Gem in the post. I don't really need to elaborate on that, b/c they're just all around awesome. And random texts that make each other laugh out loud in public and get weird looks...
  • Nights out I've had with friends in the past couple of months. I'm way too exhausted recently to go out but I've had some pretty good times that I'm not forgetting in a hurry.
  • When people prove they care. You know how easy it is to just get forgotten about just b/c you're ill all the time - the novelty runs out and no one gives a shit. Sort of like when you're in hospital all the time and no one bothers to visit anymore. Cept I'm never admitted so it's more when people actually give a shit and keep in contact, prove they haven't forgotten about you and everything. I hate how lonely it is feeling shit all the time and the isolation you feel. So even just getting a hug means a hell of a lot some days.
  • Photoshoots. Obviously, I love them. 
  • Laughing fits that last forever
  • Inboxes on facebook. Can't explain that one really, I just love them
  • Oh and when friends write wall posts that are complete bollocks only you understand :D
  • My holga camera. It's taking some trial and error with film issues (aka, first one turning out mostly blank) but I'm determined to get a good set of images which I'll love unconditionally.
  • Tea.
  • ^^^ and lots of it.
  • Hugs off my Mum. B/c those you can't beat.
  • Driving... when it goes well. It's been 8 months, surely I'll crack it soon?! 
  • Photo mishes with my Dad
  • I have a bigger room :D
  • The fact that I'm going to see The Script in March :D
Haha okay as random as that was, I loved writing it. Sometimes when you're just pissed off with everything, that's all you need. That, and an exceedingly large cup of tea.


JenniLeigh said...

And now I want a cup of tea.
Cheers Meg.
=) xx

Gem said...

Hahahaha yay!!!! The cards from you are amazing!!

And now I also want tea. :D


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