Saturday, 1 January 2011


I guess I do have new years resolutions. But not ridiculous stuff like 'new year, new me, new start' etc etc and sprouting shit like that. I don't believe you can change who you really are, deep down, so, if you were a bitch in 2010, you'll probably still be the same bitch in the coming years too, maybe just learning to bite your tongue a bit more...

So yeah my resolutions are things like possibly another tattoo, get through year 1 of the course/start year 2, get my weight up and keep it there.... I might stretch to attempting to pass that bloody driving test. Oh and to go to Nandos. Why I've never been is anyone's guess but I really want to go and I've never got around to it. So that's an important one.

Compared to 2010, this year will be chocker. For starters, for last year I spent the majority of the first 9 months sitting on my arse doing nothing. Yeah I had a job to start with, but it was shit and wearing me out so I quit. And yeah I did go to college and completed the course but it was just once a week. In the nicer weather I wandered round aimlessly taking photos just to occupy my time. When I started the foundation degree, I was busy, extremely busy, and once I got into the whack of things and started to enjoy myself, and hell, this shocked me a lot, maybe sometimes not even hating the earlier than dawn wake up calls, I started to wonder how the hell I coped doing nothing all day every day for 16 months - since I finished my final year in 6th form up until I started the course.

I'll admit after a month off I'm getting used to being able to sleep till whenever, but I do miss it. They gave us plenty of work over the holidays - two projects to be precise. But I finished them as soon as I could b/c I knew that if I left them I'd never get them done. So I spent about a week making sure it was all done and finished, I'm pretty sure I spent a solid 3 days working on the history of photography assignment which was HELL, but it's done now. All that's left is to print the last few bits off. I'm procrastinating on checking it all if I'm honest b/c I'm worried that I'll end up finding a bit more that we needed to do.

I'm a bit apprehensive about going back to college too though, if I'm honest. Possibly b/c we heard about the brief for the fuji film project, and it's not pretty. It's for the fuji film competition, and we enter on behalf of the college as well as it being a project. The brief is along the lines to take a photo depicting the senses. How do you see, feel, hear, etc. And that just drives me insaneeee! I HATE vague briefs. Plus it's film. Me and film aren't the best of friends, I prefer digital b/c of how it saves time and as you can see the result immediately. I'm an impatient person, I don't like standing around like a twat in the darkroom for 20 minutes, especially on my own. I can't go in with other people as I'd not have a clue what they're saying. People are cool with this but it still gets on my wick unbelievably.

I've also decided that I really need to see my friends more. I've seen them a couple of times in the last couple of weeks and every time, as it's been so long, you just realise how much you miss them and how much of a laugh you have. I really miss the 6th form days as you'd take for granted seeing your friends everyday, not realising that you've only got that for a certain amount of time before it's all away to uni on opposite sides of the country. At the moment, I only really see people at the pub, and it's noisy in there and hard for me to understand what people are saying. It's the simplistic things of just going over a friends house, drinking, whether it's tea, or whatevers the most alcoholic thing you can find in the cupboard, just talking shit and laughing till your sides hurt, which is what I really miss and really don't get to do very often any more.

I'm not expecting massive changes. I just want a good year.


I've just remembered my plan of taking a picture every day project. All I can say is, FUCK, I forgot. It's only the 2nd Jan so I can catch up. Can't believe I forgot though...

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Gem said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA!! The edit bit made me laugh!!! One of my friends did it last year and it was awesome. I thought I might try it but realised my photo's are terrible and I shouldn't wish them upon anyone! HA!

I'm worried about going back to uni too =/ I've got too comfortable being at home for the last month. This project sounds rather humungous though! I'm not a fan of vague briefs either. The next composition one is "THere are no rules". Bastards! That's not helpful in the slightest! It's just them being lazy!

Big loves!

P.S. Love the new blog layout and background etc! AWESOME! x

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