Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Four words:

Giant french fancy cake.

Oh yeahhhh.

My mum bought me it b/c I passed my theory test (Yep, you read that right, I passed the bastard. I didn't tell a soul I had the test except from my parents as I needed a lift, cos I was convinced I'd jinx myself. But I passed. WHOO!!!!)

I passed it on the 4th (I think). I'm a bit sketchy with the date when it's the holidays. No longer the holidays now though I'm afraid, it's back to college as of today and oh yeah, hello two annoying projects briefs. Yup, I'm going insane. I do like it there but the fact still remains that I'm not like, best mates with anyone there. I have my friends who I'll sit/talk/piss about with but I still find myself on my own, and in groups I'll still stay quiet. As we progress through the year they all become closer and I just find it daunting how left out I feel, as childish as that sounds.

Barcelona was cancelled as not enough students put down their deposit, we were only 8 people off, which is a bit annoying. We're getting refunds though. The whole point of Barcelona was b/c it'll have exhibitions that we'd like and basically, the views would probably be amazing. And it coincides with a panorama project. You have to admit, a pano of a view across Barca would be fucking amazing to say the least.

As long as photoshop behaved.

Oh yeah, this is a CF blog really isn't it?

The lungulars have behaved on a level but I'm coughing like HELL again. Clinic on Monday will result in nothing except an attempt to suggest cipro and me throwing chairs at the dr's face for even considering it. So that'll be fun. In truth, it's not like they could do anything else. I'm so sick of IVs, I don't want them at least for this month, cos otherwise it'd mean I've continued the whole ridiculous having IVs every month thing I've had going since mid last year. To be honest I'd doubt they'd do much anyway. Although I am meant to be going on Tazocin for the next IVs. Still a bit sketchy on this considering my hosp don't keep you in past the first dose when trialling a new antibiotic as far as I know. It just screams danger in my head. I'm pretty worried but I know I'm worrying over nothing. I just need a new IV that will fucking work!!

The coughing a lot thing is getting on my nerves. I cough all night but this is getting stupid when it keeps you up for a few hours. I stayed at my friends house the other night and I woke myself up a couple of times. The entire family never says anything as they've known me since we were about 6 or 7, and they're all used to it, but I still feel guilty. And last week, I was running around with a friend, and I gave up after a few seconds, to basically die over everything b/c I was so exhausted. Running doesn't go well for me.

Right so yeah I think that's it. Not much has happened really. The project 365 is going well, I'm thinking of uploading the photos onto here every now and again in a bulk blog post cos I'm sure you're just dying to see what I've taken photos of... (Some photos are horrible quality b/c I didn't have my camera with me and had to settle for my phone, which just, really doesn't do things justice.) It's been a slow start as I've had pretty much nothing to take photos of, I'm looking around for ideas or themes I could use but it's quite difficult. I think it'll be best in the summer, when I've got a couple of months off college between year 1 ending and year 2 starting, where the weather is good and I just basically set off with my camera.

It'd be even cooler if I've passed my driving test by then. Nothing produces better photos than a random camera mish, and even better when it's unexplored territory.


Anonymous said...

Your post m ade me think about the '80s song by Huey Lewis and the News called "I want a new drug"...

I want a new drug / One that won't make me sick / One that won't make me crash my car / Or make me feel three feet thick / I want a new drug ...

Hopefully the next one will be it!

Gem said...

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! YUMMMMMYYYY!!!!I know EXACTLY how you feel with the friend situation. I feel everyone knows each other, they're getting closer to each other and I'm left faaar behind. I think the whole music group go out a lot and I can't do evening things so I miss out. I've got one really good friend and 3 friends who I'm with most of the time but I don't really have friends on campus. It's annoying.

Hahahaha throwing a chair at the drs face! Awesome! That should be standard precedure- you've pissed me off mate *chair*. Just a thought, is your refluxx behaving/are you on reflux meds?! I cough 24/7 if my reflux is bad.

Big loves!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about the Barcelona cancellation as it would be an awesome place to visit and photograph I'm certain. Maybe you can get your heads together and come up with an alternate trip that's as exciting.

Hoping the Tazocin for the next IVs works really well for you and your cough gets better.

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