Saturday, 22 January 2011

Inked... again.

I got another one :D

It says 'Hope', in chinese. They're so damn addictive. Not just the adrenaline you get, but the fact that you're controlling something that's happening to your body. Which, for a CFer, is a big thing. B/c I can't control what my lungs do, how I feel on a day to day basis, the riducluous state of my weight, no matter how hard I try, at least I can choose what a tattoo looks like, what it might say, where it can go. I've always wanted a tattoo on the back of my neck anyway and I fancied maybe a quote or another word I like the meaning to, and having it in chinese just looks cool. I don't want to end up looking like a walking dictionary anyway. I think I'm probably done for tattoos now, I don't want to end up covered, I just wanted a couple of small things that mean stuff to me.

Getting this one was different, for starters, I couldn't watch, obviously, as it was on the back of my neck. I loved watching my wrist one, I just found it fascinating for some reason. This one didn't hurt at all. I barely even felt it. Getting my port accessed hurts more, and that doesn't even hurt. I had no idea whether it would hurt or not as I've asked people and they'd either say it really wrecked over their spine or it barely hurt. Guess I was in the second group. The only thing was that I got tired from sitting in the same position without moving for 10 minutes, so my neck got tired. Other than that, nothing else really to comment on. Spookily, my best friend texted me in the middle of getting it, to ask if I'd gotten it yet. I'd told her a few days ago that we were gonna see if there was a space on Friday, and if there was, I'd get it done. I just find it weird, coincidental timing (especially given the fact that it only took 10 minutes, if that) that she texted me at that exact moment, mid-tattoo, when she had no idea if it was going ahead or not.

Clinic on Monday was uneventful and boring as always. My weight stuck at the every stubborn 43.3kg, and my lung function was actually good for a change, but with my cough being a bitch, I'm getting IVs. On 14th Feb. Definitley Tazocin, and either Colo or Ceft, I can't remember which. I brought up the fact that I'm worried starting a drug that I've never had before, then going home after only the first dose, cos there's no way to tell if you're gonna have a reaction or not. He said something along the lines of 'well lets hope you don't have a reaction then!'

That's my mind put at ease. Not.

Clinic was absolutely chocker too, so I was put in the treatment room rather than an actual room, as there was 3 clinics on at the same time, and no rooms left. I didn't even wait around to see the dietitian or the physio. I'm not sure if they were there but in honest I wasn't that fussed. I went on my own. Something I'm getting more used to and I'm gonna continue to do. It might be a bit boring, and hell, even depressive sometimes, but I've been trying to do as much CF stuff independently as I can, and going to clinic on my own is a main thing for me. Plus it means they talk to me rather than whoever I go with, and it forces them to speak clearly to me to compensate for my shitty hearing, rather than taking the easy route and talking around me. 

At least I get to claim Jan 2011 IV free. And the IVs finish right before a day trip to Birmingham for a sort of photography convention. The focus on imaging annual show which has basically over 200 different exhibitors featuring everything photography. I've looked at the floor plan, the place is HUGE. I'm gonna be sticking with my friends and not letting go, I'm so convinced I'll end up lost and then missing the train back home. I don't fancy being left in Birmingham on my own if I'm honest.

Oh and, I know I said I'd be uploading my 365 photos but in honesty, I can't be bothered. So I'm going to upload them to flickr instead, then post the link to that specific album on the sideboard thing. And if curiosity grabs you by the balls, you can go have a look :)


Colleen said...

I feel the same way about tattoos. I have actually found comfort in tattooing...I feel like I have control over some part of my body.

Gem said...

pahahahaha your drs a joke! "lets hope you don't have a reaction then". I wonder how he'd feel if we injected him with something new?

I still love the tattoo!

Ooooh Birmingham. You won't be far from me :D (ok about an hour and a half on a train but still nearer than newcastle!)



Gemma said...

LOVE your new tattoo! Amazing it didn't hurt either.

Also liking the new blog layout.

Luckily for us, Soph has always been in lock up when she has reacted to antibiotics. I guess her team have learnt not to risk new antibiotics at home. Make sure you get a full kit with epi pens and piriton and someone can be around for the first couple of days.
Hope they do the trick.

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