Friday, 10 September 2010


  •  It’s 1 am(ish). I’m eating frosties (with more sugar) and I have a cup of tea begging to be drank
  • I’m aware that I’m bloody lucky my glucose tolerance test came back basically perfect, as I came to the realisation of what a diabetic nightmare I’d be
  • That realisation struck me as I was eating golden syrup with a spoon
  • Out of the tin
  • And that’s only b/c I was bored and impatient waiting for the last crumpet to pop out of the toaster
  • Along with my insane worries about college, I’m now wondering how many huge college students are going to ask me if I’m lost
  • Y’know, in the whole ‘aww it’s a tiny 14yr old who’s wandered onto campus’ way
  • I have no idea if that’s me being strange or something that has the genuine possibility of happening
  • I’m fully aware that one day I’ll probably love being thought as younger than I actually am, and be flattered to be asked for Id at every turn
  • But for now, being hit on my random 13yr olds is starting to really piss on my chips
  • In the meantime, it’s a student’s dream being able to get into places on the cheap b/c you still look young enough to pull a child fare
  • And I’m pretty impressed with myself for not spilling my frosties whilst writing this


Gem said...

I haven't had golden syrup in so long! I'm gonna have to go on a cupboard trawl to see if we even have any! I'd be a shit diabetic too.... I like haribo too much! xx

Rick said...

That was just funny I use to eat stuff while waiting for the toaster.

Tori said...

Dude I'm 27 and I still get hit on by 16 year old guys :(

Also I'm a diabetic nightmare, I like 6 sugars in my tea!!

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