Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Liar liar.

All over facebook, people seem to be having a mini implosion over the fact that a CFer called Karalynn Davies, who apparently passed away not too long ago, was actually a fake. Now I'm hardly someone who's following this perfectly. To be honest, I can't follow a lot of it as it just gets more and more confusing with other people being involved and things that have happened with no explanation, but this is really starting to get stupid. It's not the first time I've come across someone who's faked to have CF. In fact there's been loads, mostly over Facebook as its a simple way to fake - all people really need is some woe-is-me, I-feel-crap statuses and if they want to 'prove' they're really stuck in club med, they'll add photos which could have actually been ripped off from god knows where.

Kinda reminds me all about the whole Gina/Pepe/Blake shit that went down two years ago. CF (and cancer, so I've heard) seems to be a magnet for people with Munchhausen's syndrome. No idea why. I'd never wish any of this crap on anyone, even someone I hated.

From what I've heard (although it could be just grapevine stuff that's gotten a bit confused through out the re-tellings) A woman called Claire, who actually did have CF, branded herself as 'emo' along with another friend. They apparently decided to create the fake Karalynn profile to see how much attention they could get based on looks, so they used photos from an LA model (who clearly has her shit ripped for a LOT of fake profiles, basically everywhere) along with extra fake profiles of the dutiful best friend (called Corrine, who's photos were also someone else's) and then a whole load more for Karalynn's friends and family, probably so they could cover all bases.

I have no idea where the CF came into this to be honest. If you're going just for attention on looks, why add CF into the mix? Although some people do actually like to squeeze every ounce of attention they can get out of genuinely having CF. Sounds stupid but it's true.

I'm gonna carry on, that's if you're still with me here. It's confusing to write out, must be just as confusing to follow.

So... 'Karalynn' did get the attention she was after. Something started up with a bloke called Paul, and they'd message/text/call each other everyday. But they never met. Paul believed that Karalynn was real, even though his family apparently had their doubts, from what I've heard. I'm pretty sure it was Paul who brought the whole fact that this was all fake, to light, after what must have been a fair amount of digging.

The real Claire died, and then so did Karalynn. Corrine kept posting, memorial pages and a Just Giving page (which money went straight to the trust to) were created. And then the shit hit the fan when Paul did his digging. Claire's friend who was posing as Corrine, took everything down and no one knows who they really were, if Claire wasn't just another persona to take the blame.

There's probably more that I've missed out but it's just getting more and more confusing and I don't think anyone is really following it that well anymore.

But either way, no one is happy. Whoever did all this lied. No one likes to be duped. But when things like this hit the CF community it really does rock the boat b/c it makes everyone paranoid and no one knows who to trust - the main reason being that CFs can't meet, or may be on the other side of the globe. So you really don't know if the person you're talking to is real.

I'm not sure on my opinions on it to be honest. But I'm pretty damn confused myself b/c it takes a sick fuck to fake all this, to basically glamorize having this shitty illness. It's scary, it's fucking down right difficult a lot of the time, and yet someone thought it would be fun to fake it like they did. And when these things happen, it really makes you question the integrity of some people.


Ruth Jay said...

I remember watching a documentary about munchausens...god awful mental condition...dunno who to feel worse for, the person with it or the people affected by it...

As you say though, CF is a good target for people faking illness, as not a lot of people know about it, or know much about it, and there aren't really that many of us either...fake away!

hope everyone manages to figure things out, it really is gonna be difficult for a while I think x

Gem said...

I got so confused on Facebook trying to follow this. I understand it a bit more now you've explained it. I have a feeling this could drag on for a while though =/ I agree with what Ruth's saying about it being easy to fake because not many people know about it. Ahhhh so confusing! Hope you're ok!! xx

Sophie-Anne said...

Im confused by it all aswell!! Im not getting involved or following it anymore either! xx

The Watchful Eye said...

a long time ago i had a message from "karalynn" who wanted to be friends on facebook this is going back a few years. This nefarious character from the beginning didnt mention anything about CF but was a fun time girl, posted odd statuses often humourous and suddenly "Karalynn" wanted me to add her friends, so i did which intrigued me more....

As ive lived in southampton for 20+ years i pretty much know alot of people from all different areas yet never seen or heard of these girls on facebook, yet she had an excellent knowledge of Southampton.

So i started to check out the photos, credibility of "Karalynn" and from early on i guess she wasnt real - the address she posted was for a random stretch of road which only has a pub in it, fair enough i thought people often get their postcode wrong but the more i dug deep the more i could see she was a fake.

Little things like her first boyfriend called Simon Martin, this guy had pictures of himself in southampton, in places i had been too and knew a couple of people i knew too - though oddly no pictures of them together. Then i began to check the photos more closely, american beer bottle labels, american door handles, pictures of holidays which were never mentioned, a job in a store which i buy my hair wax/gel etc in yet ive never seen this striking looking girl - so of course i decided to contact facebook, and they pretty much responded with that they cant do a thing as this "person" isnt hurting anyone.

A number of times "Karalynn" had been confronted on facebook with regards to her validity yet they were silenced, if you wanna look for the source it all began with 3 people - neither of which are on facebook they are: simon martin, karalynn davies and richard martin.

im shocked that someone would use CF as a fucking joke/ploy when alot of people suffer and die from it daily. It sickens me that people today would pray on other peoples sympathies. i tried to voice my concerns but alas i was shutdown as were many others.

How convienient this claire neil character dies and her boyfriend tries to cover up for her, hes probably fake too - his pictures are not of southampton and he was just another pawn in someones grand scheme, even her pictures have no discernable location. The final nail was from "corrine" who used to talk about her blackberry alot yet all her statues had the iphone message.

As for Paul Nutbrown, hes real, i know people who know him - if he knew she was fake? who knows.

Im going to keep my eye out for anything that crops up with this horrible person and shut them down asap.

-- the watchful eye --

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