Sunday, 5 September 2010

The countdown begins.

I start my college course on 21st Sept.

Bricking it? Me?


I know why I’m freaking about it though, and there’s nothing I can change about that. It’s not the place, or the staff, or the photography processes that you have to do (although I hate the darkroom as I’m useless – I can’t understand a word anyone says to me as I can’t see their face and lights are banned in there). What I’m all antsy about is the meeting new people thing as I tank badly at this. The hearing thing digs its heels in here and I have no idea what people are saying to me. So I come off a bit thick, cos I’m agreeing to god knows what, or I seem rude b/c they think I’m ignoring them.

Sucks, but what can you do?

I get Mondays off though. The first two Mondays off I’ve got are already booked up with appointment-fun-ness. The first one is on the 27th, I’ve got the joy of going to the dentist b/c who doesn’t like being asked questions from upside down that you can’t even answer b/c someone has their fingers in your mouth poking at your teeth? And then on the 4th Oct I’ve got clinic, which my Mum is coming with me to b/c I’m really sick of my dr right now.

There are two other consultants for the chest clinic. One who’s been there for ages but apparently is ‘really on the ball’ and he’s a laugh too, b/c I’ve spoken with him a few times. And he also doesn’t take any shit, if you piss him off or act like a moron, he’ll call you on it. The other dr is new, young, and fucking hell he’s fit. And to me, he’s way better than my current dr b/c when I had to go on the pred increase to 30mg for 5 days, it was his idea – my lungs were being temperamental bastards, as always, and had been increasingly painful for a few days, till I just got beyond tired of it and asked my Dad to call the hospital, to which they’d just said to bring me in to morning clinic. That’s the first time I saw that younger dr (b/c my normal one wasn’t there that morning, or something to that effect) and he sent me for an xray and then told me to increase pred for a bit. Which is a damn sight more than my dr has ever suggested. Even after I’d landed myself in hospital from it, he never gave me any pred. It was a few weeks later at a clinic appt, that he decided to bring up my IgE levels of 2000+ (from blood tests taken whilst I was in hosp) and say ‘hey, pred might be an idea’.

At least theres someone who knows what they're doing in that hospital.


Gem said...

Yay!!! Fit dr!!! I know college won't be nearly as bad as we think. People will take us for who we are and not even care that you can't always hear them. To begin with, yeah you might gravitate towards the other person you know to begin with but within a couple of days you will have made new friends :). You already know that I feel exactly the same way. We'll panic together :D *hugs* xx

Darkies Gem said...

OMg, I am getting this totally. I am SO excited about starting college again, but the start of year nerves are back. I have to have an even higher level of maturity this year as I'm on a teaching course, and people are gonna be all grown up and stuff, scarey stuff! I'm easily gonna be the youngest and most kid like in the year, and I do get babied a helluva lot because of it. I've decided I'm not telling people about CF this year, well for as much of it as I can get away with, just to see if it makes a difference. Eek!

You know what though, we're all gonna be just fine. Try not to worry about it before you actually start or it's gonna be harder to jump straight in there and go rargh this is me, hello there, shall we make it our mission to photograph the world.....Or soemthing to that effect. :P

Darkies Gem said...

Also, why are you starting back so late? We start back on Friday (I'll only be doing Fridays at college, which is why we haven't started back today). Is it sort of like schools, where different colleges start back at different times do you think? Weird.

Megan said...

I have no idea why it starts back so late actually, but I know other courses across the entire country don't start until the same week as me. Guess it's just the way it is!

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