Sunday, 11 July 2010

Warning to the world - I'm learning to drive.

Seriously, people should take cover. I mean, yeah, I've had one proper lesson. And my instructor was explaining that you shouldn't worry, that every single person feels exactly the same as you sit behind the wheel and turn on the ignition. But I don't think I'm one of those 'totally picking it up instantly and being a natural' type of drivers. For starters, I tend to forget stuff.

Like actually taking your foot off the clutch when you start moving.

My first attempt at driving in my Dad's car down an empty road was doomed from the start considering I switched the window wipers on whilst turning the keys. Well, actually it wasn't that bad. I only drove down the road a couple of times and didn't flatten any sheep from the nearby field, so that's a plus.

So yeah, my first proper lesson with an instructor was on Friday. Nerve racking b/c I didn't want to mangle the car, but also cool b/c after basically being legal to learn for 2 years, and actually having a provisional for the past 10 months, I'm finally bothering to learn. She said I did well. I'm pretty sure she's sort of inclined to say that to everyone cos having your confidence shot to shit would only be good news for the local garage.  When I remember what to do, I can drive ok. The clutch thing I still managed to forget to do several times. But it's stopping where I tank badly b/c my mind sort of goes blank.

And either my instructor was yelling 'STOP!!!!!' or my imagination has created a different scenario, but I do actually remember going to stop, forgetting completely about the clutch and break and keeping my foot on the accelerator.

I'm just thinking its a good thing that road was empty.

My next lesson is on Thursday and I bagged a two hour lesson instead of just the one hour.

Anyone who fancies being in Consett at 11am on Thursday... I really, really strongly advise against it.

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Gem said...

Yay!! Well done Megs!! I'm sure you're hugely better than you think you are! Everyone has to make mistakes when they first start!!!! My sister did the brake accelerator thing you did too but we were in my mums car without dual controls! Scarrry!!! haha!!! xxx

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