Thursday, 15 July 2010

Exhibition and other happenings.

Latest driving obstacle is stalling. Joy(!) I know that's normal but it happens so damn much! My driving lesson today was good though. I drove through an industrial estate and on to actual road (and probably pissed people off with the amount they were overtaking me) b/c my instructor was talking me through turns and junctions. I had a two hour lesson so got through a lot, managed to reverse a few times without even crashing into the cars behind, so I consider that a bonus. The only major problem I have is that b/c I'm fun sized, the seat belt still cuts into my neck even when it's adjusted as low as possible. It sort of rubs on the line from my port and that's getting so annoying. I really want this port to actually last a long time, but if I ever need another one, I'll probably ask for it to be on the left side. I think they're generally on the left side anyway, at least upper chest ports in adults, cos you do have to think practically if the thing is gonna be hanging around for a while.

I had my photography exhibition yesterday. B/c we'd fixed the prints on the boards with blu tack, we'd been joking that they would all fall down.

Yeah, they all fell down.

So we hauled ourselves to the exhibition hall at college earlier so we'd be able to fix them all back up. It started at 6, and there were a fair few people there. Pretty sure one of my tutors was determined to get drunk at the amount I saw him necking back. My last day of the course is this Saturday, and we'll only be in for a few hours, taking down the work and probably just talking and shiz. It's been a really long year, at least to me. And it's strange when you think you started out in a full class and now, finishing the course, there's about 11 of us. I put these photos up in the exhibition:

When we left it was completely pissing rain. And me with my new HAs love the rain. Well I've always loved it, but now I love listening to it too. It's pretty cool. I did say that I wanted a huge rainstorm so I could just listen to the rain. And I got it! That might seem unlikely for there to be a sudden torrential downpour in the middle of spring/summer, especially given this heat. But then you remember that I'm in the UK, where the weather does love to piss on your parade at any given chance. But I loved it!

After running around like a total 'tard (best way) in the rain, my hair went all curly, like it does. So I was left with a total hair 'splosion.

I got my hair cut today, quite short which is what it was meant to be like a couple of months ago but the hairdresser so kindly didn't cut my hair like I asked and I can never be arsed to bother correcting them. Every time I get a chunk off my hair they look at me and say '...are you sure?' cos I've had long hair for a looooong time. Now it's quite short for me. I don't think it's been this length since I was about 11. It's taking some getting used to.

Oh and I just found this oldish photo of me (I think I was 16 cos I've got braces in this photo) which makes me realise how short my hair actually is now. I know I look a bit of a moron in that photo but I'm not really fussed.

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Gem said...

I LOVE YOUR HAIR CURLY!!!!!!!!!!! Seatbelt digging into your neck- I sit on a cushion. Partly so I get a better view of the front of the car but mainly to stop it digging into my neck. My old driving instructor had a cushion that he sat all the pint sizers on! Might be worth a try? Plus I actually love your photos. xx

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