Saturday, 24 July 2010

Fading away.

Not literally. And not in a whole dramatic sense. More or less, just feeling like I'm drifting away from other people. I know its inevitable but some of these people you thought you'd be close with, talk all the time, forever, cos there isn't something just like a job, a place or school tying you together. It's not their fault. I can't blame people for being too busy or whatever it is taking up their time. And I'm guilty myself for not really making an effort b/c I get it into my head that they're not exactly bothered themselves so I just let it be.

Ok, pity party over. I even annoy myself.

I've got a new addiction. These:

They're yum. To be honest, I think 'yum' is an understatement and kinda insulting b/c they're WAY more than that. And it's totally worth trekking up to Nero's just for one.

Clinic on Friday was normal. Actually it was pretty good. I don't mind clinic when there's fit porters, fit lung function techs, and the new addition of a fit young dr. Said fit dr who was the one to give me 30mg of pred when my lungs were whining for attention. Anyway, I didn't see that dr on Fri, I saw my normal dr. My LF is actually up, so YAY! Mega happy about this b/c I've really not been feeling like it. My weight is up too now, so the dietitian pretty much just walked in the room, sat at the desk, said 'You're wonderful' and walked back out. B/c I'm inconvenient in the form of refusing cipro, there's nothing the dr suggested for my bitch of a cough. I'm getting IVs on the 20th Aug, which I've just realised is probably gonna fuck up the end of my summer, but I won't be able to go any longer without them, and I need IVs before I start college b/c nothing is worse than starting a two year course feeling like crap.

I saw my x-ray from the other week and saw my microbiology results too. Out of 12 drugs on the list, I'm sensitive to 10 of them. Which begs the question why I never get anything other than colo and ceft for every IVs. But then again, my dr doesn't even admit me or give me an epi pen when I go on a new drug. Lovely. Obviously I can't have every single drug out of the 10, b/c theres tobra and gent which would probably just screw with whats left of my hearing if I went on those. I dunno if any of the others were aminoglycosides, but there probably was one or two others.

I fail to see why the dr likes to point out my bronchiectasis every time I see the xray. I'm aware it's there, I hate that it's there. Shush about it. Oh, and I saw Jodie at clinic. First time we've bumped into each other there but we didn't get to stand around and talk or anything b/c the nurse came for me to put me into a room. The first thing she said when she caught me on msn later that night was 'You're tiny. And I thought I was a midget..'. Cheers Jodie..!

Yeah that's pretty much it. I got my first proper lie in today b/c no more college on Saturday! Yay! I did love the course, but being surrounded by a bunch of people 10 - 20 years older than me really took the piss. All that's left to do with my day is to drink ridiuclous amounts of tea (as always) and attempt to watch Saw 5 later. That's not gonna happen. I can't watch something that creepy on my own without getting terrified.


Anonymous said...

Stuff the rest, what flavor drink is that??! The mint Nero one is amazing


Anonymous said...

Like reading your blog, it's funny.

Laura's medical journey said...

know how it feels when friends drift away from you. they are busy getting on with their lives and u feel like ur not part of it anymore coz esepcailly when Im stuck at home most of the time!

Gem said...

Totally know that feeling!! Friends from school seem wrapped up in their own uni-ness world and it really hurts when they don't seem to have time for you anymore huh? The Nero things look amazing!!! What are they called?!?!?! Definately push for different IV's if you're sensitive to so many! That's weird how he's not very willing! xx

MBNAD woman said...

It's called propinquity.

There are times in your life when you make friends simply because you're in the same place: school, college, doing the school run. When you move on, you find that most of these people slip away. Nothing personal ... just no reason other than propinquity to keep you together. Of course, the ones who stick, stay forever.
I have 3 friends who I met on my very first evening at university. I have no idea what became of the other 1000 in our year!
Mad x

Alyssa said...

I love your blog and the way you talk.

That drink looks fantastic! I would fly over there just for it!

SO why do you refuse cipro? I must possibly know the answer to this and have forgotten so I apologize if I have.

Congrats on the LF being up, that's great. Sounds like all in all it was a good clinic visit for you, and I'm glad.


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