Thursday, 22 July 2010


I've been designing posters and tickets for Tori, as she's planning a Masquerade ball in October, for Live Life then Give Life. I like messing about in photoshop and have sooooo little to do these days, so I happily took on the challenge. Even if half the time I was a bit inspiration less and considered just telling Tori to use one of these photos of me being a retard, but essentially still showing all the important info...

A little bit of google snooping solved the problem though. That, and googling completely pointless things which has sort of become an addiction. Although I do think I've reached the height of boredom when I start searching 'weird things on google earth' b/c that's a bit of a wild card and you're probably gonna come up with some *pretty* bizarre stuff.

I'm going to see Toy Story 3 as soon as I can find a subbed screening in Newcastle. I'm taking my little sister and she's already planning on a ridiculous amount of popcorn that's probably not even gonna last through the previews. I'm gonna attempt to get a child's ticket, just for the shits and giggles of it. It won't be difficult considering I regularly pass for 14 (I actually got 13 off someone in my own family yesterday, b/c apparently I look even younger with my hair up and I 'don't look 13, you look about 3'). It's not even about getting a cheaper ticket b/c I know a student's ticket costs the same as a child's (depending on where I go). If any small child pisses me off when I go see the film, I will genuinely crush them under foot b/c I've essentially been waiting 11 years to see Toy story 3, and they've never heard of it until 2 months ago or something. Same rules apply to waiting in line at the box office. I will NOT be getting crappy seats b/c some evil devil child runs past me to get there first. I don't even think it's going too far to say I'll stick my foot out and watch them do a tumble worthy of 'You've been framed.'

What else... I have a driving lesson tomorrow from 11 - 1 (consider this the national warning that I'll be out on the roads and behind the wheel) and I love driving even if the lessons are slowly burning a hole in my pocket. And then clinic on Fri where I'm sure everything will probably be exactly the same as it always is. I don't feel any worse even if my cough is being a bastard and I'm getting knackered a bit more. I'm almost 5 weeks out of IVs so I doubt they'll put me back on them right now.

Somehow I doubt I'll be getting back into my whole '3 months with no IVs' thing just yet.


Gem said...

GOOD LUCK FOR CLINIC!!! I'm in next week! Boooo! Not looking forward to it. Why don't you sit on the children who get the best seats? That could work.... haha! xx

Tori said...

Ha ha I'm going to use those pics instead of the poster!!

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