Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Back on the 10mg train.

And so we're back to our maintenance 10mg of pred. I don't think the 30mg did anything except make me even more hungry than usual. I actually have a stash of food in my room for when I'm absentmindedly hungry and eat stuff to help this weight gain deal. To be honest, I'm kind of just a few appliances short of having an entire kitchen in my room.  I still woke up on Tuesday with my ribs/lungs being even more painful (It's moving about, grr. At least stay in one place so I can have some consistency with temperamental lungs! I never know when/where it's going to hit me next) and b/c I was really short of breath, I checked my sats. 88. Lovely. They're generally about 95 which is good, I can be a completely healthy git and push to 97 on a good day.  So I don't like my 80's numbers.

I duno what I'm bitching about. I probably have it way easier than basically every lung affected-y person I know.  

Er, yeah. That was a pretty shit update. But that's all I have to say.

1 comment:

Gem said...

Dear Megs' lungs,
Please behave yourself and stop being a pain in the arse! Don't make me come over there and have words with you!!
Gem xxx

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