Wednesday, 23 June 2010

It's a jungle out there.

The world is loud. Really loud.

I got my new HAs yesterday. And I've spent the time since just... listening to stuff. No matter which HAs I get, you can't fix the nerve damage so it's still all fuzzy and not exactly clear. But I can hear stuff I haven't heard for years without trying or having to be right next to the sound. I can hear the bloody car radio now. And the washing machine in the other room. I can hear people talking as they walk behind me. And my typing is loud too.

It's funny cos these sounds annoy me like they would if I'd been able to hear them for years. But I haven't for the past 7/8 years. So as much as it's annoying to hear the washing machine rattling away in the kitchen when I'm in the front room, I'm not complaining. There's sounds I love that I haven't heard for ages too and I really want to. I want a massive rain storm, even though everyone would undoubtedly complain about that, b/c I want to sit by the window and listen to the rain hammering against it b/c I must have been about 10 when I last heard that.

An extra plus about these HAs is that they're smaller than the bricks I did have, they're water resistant (so I don't have to dive for cover if I get caught in the rain, it doesn't mean go swimming with them in though). And they're all groovy and synced so if I changed the volume or T-position one of them, the other does automatically.

I walked past my mum on the phone earlier. And I could hear the other person talking. I don't mean I could understand them, so phone conversations are still a no go for me. But I could hear them and I was just walking past the phone.

Never take your hearing for granted. I learnt the hard way.


Darkies Gem said...

Oh, that's fantastic, yay for you Megs!

It must be annoying hearing the sounds you don't really want to hear, but the sounds you do want to hear must be well worth it. And, at least you can turn down the volume. ;)

Really pleased for you! :D

Gem said...


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