Tuesday, 8 June 2010

And on today's menu...

A bitch of a left lung which inexplicably hurts with every breath.


No idea why or what caused it. It goes away, it comes back, I grumble, and it fucks off again, so that's a fairly fun circle to participate in. IVs got started today. Which was... interesting. I'm in clinic too much, it's starting to severely piss me off. You know you're there too often when you walk up to the Secretaries desk and they smile at you, say 'Hi Megan' and ask you how you are, rather than ask you what your name is/which dr you're seeing or whatever. I don't mind, but honestly, it's a bit ridiculous when you can start joining in on the banter with the nurses cause you know them so well.

Once again I made my valiant attempt at looking through my notes. They were sitting in the note-holding thing outside my door, so I grabbed them, sat on the floor, and flicked through. I'd completely forgotten (for the most part) about my admissions I kept having when I was 11/12 and that I was oxygen dependant whilst in there. So yeah, I find these notes really intriguing. My memory is shit, so it's kinda cool to read back through that stuff. Mind you, I really pissed off the two student nurses and the physio who walked past. She asked me why I was sitting on the floor by the door, and I said b/c I couldn't be bothered to go back in the room. Obvs b/c of all that infection control shiz, I changed my mind and went back in the room, and cracked my notes back open. Then the physio walked right in the room and took them off me.


She gave them to one of the student nurses (which pissed me off royally) and he stood outside an empty clinic room which my Dr uses as a sort of on site office when clinic isn't too busy. I'm guessing he was waiting for the Dr to stop being so busy so he could tell on me and give him my notes so I couldn't read through them any more. B/c that clinic room was right opposite the one I was in, I stood in my door way (so not technically leaving my room and getting told off) and harassed the student nurse a bit. I just wanted to read the bloody notes. And if they're sitting on the wall, it's not like I'm being an inconvenience by stopping anyone else getting their mitts on them. B/c it was a guy student nurse, I couldn't hear a word he said. But he looked like I'd seriously pissed him off a treat, and I'm pretty sure that he told me to go back into my room (although if we're getting technical, I WAS in my room). So I shut the door on him and got back to my whole *lets drip stand skate and bash into all the medical equipment in the room* thing that I usually do. I did keep looking out the door, partly out of boredom and partly to piss off the other student nurse who was apparently dossing about in the corridor - I swear every time she saw me I got a death stare.

Clearly I'm making her choice of profession seem like a brilliant choice right now...

I never saw the physio properly - there's two (that I'm aware of) and it was the other one who came into my room for all of 2 seconds, decided that she'd rather see me after IVs have finished and asked if she could visit me at home instead. Which I'm cool with so I agreed. The dietitian saw me for less than a minute. Kinda funny when you think of it - she sat down, opened her folder, told me my BMI is 19.5, and to keep eating like I am.... and then left.

I don't think the hosp staff like me sometimes.

My Dr was the same too. Don't think he even commented on my LF dropping 10% (or 15% depending on which numbers you look at. Although this isn't the end of the world b/c my LF is still good, and there's nothing stopping me from grabbing back the numbers I dropped, b/c I'm a determined bitch like that sometimes). There's this whole problem I have with the usual heparin my hosp uses. I have a reaction to it b/c I'm cool like that, so I make extra hassle by needing a different brand. Well... any other brand, to be honest. I usually have canusal, but apparently they've stopped making that. I've got enough from previous IVs to last me a week whilst they find something else I can use. So my Dr spent a few minutes... actually I have no idea what he was doing. Looking through one of those BNF books at Heparin or something? He did ask what the reaction actually is, probably checking to see if it's in the book. I'd bet not b/c I'm special and like to be different. He probably thinks I'm making that shit up just to be inconvenient.

What basically happens, when they use the usual brand, my ears start ringing reallllllllly loudly. I can't actually hear anything above it b/c it gets so loud, I get a headache and feel like there's massive pressure across my forehead. And I feel a bit off balance and trippy for a few minutes. So obviously, they like to avoid using the usual stuff.

After basically double checking my IVs and half-sorting out my whole heparin annoyance, he left too. So... physio, dietitian and the Dr just couldn't really be arsed with me today. One good thing about my clinic is that I'm never actually there too long. They don't keep you waiting for hours, and IV days are usually the longest b/c you've got to sit through the first dose. After I got disconnected and had to leave the drip stand behind (shame...) I had lunch in the hospital, b/c I was hungry and one thing they can't fuck up is baked potatoes, which I like. And even better, I had the best view of four fit Drs eating lunch, which always improves the day. Unfortunately they're not CF Drs of any kind.

Anyway. So yeah, I'm getting really bored in the week, just sick of doing nothing. And I'm not gonna get a job or something b/c that'd be for about 3 months (I'd be amazed if I found a job in that time frame to be honest, haha) and after dropping 20% of my LF when I had my old job, I'm not even gonna bother. I just really want September to come around so I can start the full time course. It's gonna wreck me, for sure. Waking up at what I consider a stupid time (but what everyone else calls 'being in the real world') after being able to sleep in and do whatever the hell I like for a year and a half, is gonna be a bitch. But I'll do it.

Bring it.

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Gem said...

Haha!! Next time, notes, grap them, take a drip stand ride into the toilets and lock yourself in. They can't get you in there!!! Hope your lung is behaving better today. I'm dossing for the next 3 months too. Not getting a job, no school. Nothing. What we gonna do Megs?!?!?! I think we may have to pick up long rambly e-mails again to keep ourselves entertained!!! Hope you're ok!! xx

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