Saturday, 12 June 2010

'Cause you had a bad day...'

Everything about today pissed me off.

It basically started straight away when I realised I had a whole list of stuff to do, and basically today to do it in. I probably didn't even get through it all, which I'll imagine will be fun when I realise uber last minute the stuff I need to do. It didn't help with a bunch of ridiculous injuries, the worst being standing up fast and cracking my head off an open cupboard door, so hard that it sent me crashing back to the floor and basically sitting there like a complete tit for a while till I managed to focus again. A close second was trapping my finger in the door when I closed it. Which still really hurts.

I've had a stupid headache all day which I'll bet will be something to do with the murderous tendencies of the cupboard, but it definitely made everything just that more difficult to focus on. I've got college tomorrow which will undoubtedly be a bore fest and I'll bet that I'll forget something. I always do. Every week someone has to remind me to grab my lunch from the kitchen b/c I can't count how many times I've been halfway through the door and someone asks if I have my lunch (the stuff at college is basically sandwiches... and I'm weird and don't like sandwiches).

Plus, I managed to forget my IVs twice today. I don't mean forget them entirely, but I keep forgetting to do them and end up doing them a bit later than I should. Since starting this round on Mon, I've slept through my alarm everyday, bar... once I think. I'm stubborn and annoying and really don't like other people doing my IVs for me. Seems like a stupid choice, I know, but I prefer to do them myself. No idea why. Maybe it's something silly like not liking the lack of control when other people do them.

The bright side to the day was going down the road to see my cousin and laughing. A lot. Hilariosity at its best, and irony when you have a conversation on your weight whilst staring at the contents of the fridge.

Urgh, anyway, probably shouldn't blog when I'm pissed off. Rant done.


Tori said...

I'm not a big fan of sandwiches either :)

Gem said...

I just realised I was going to leave a comment but then somehow forgot! Not sure how! haha! Anyway, I spend the majority of my time staring into my fridge. Nothing new ever appears :(. Xx

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