Monday, 21 June 2010

Can you hear me now?

That'd be a no...

I'm starting to realise how much I rely on my, albeit very little and shitty quality, hearing that I actually have left. You might think it probably makes very little difference, loosing a HA for a week or so and just going about with the one ear. Apparently it's a huge difference. At least I get my new ones tomorrow. This whole one 'good' ear shit is starting to get old. And annoying. Although I've had a tiny taste of what it's like not having to faff about with one of the damn HAs for one side - I can listen to my ipod without having to take out a HA first. Mucho handy.

I thought it wouldn't affect me whilst in the pub on Saturday. Turns out it actually did. Whilst mostly I just hear background noise rather than my friends, I can actually hear them a bit, and I didn't even notice that properly until Saturday. The night was good though.

It's 5 days till I scream my way down the zip slide and I'm just over half my target, so major thanks to everyone who's donated, especially with it being last minute, I had doubts with being able to raise the amount needed in that sort of time.

I finally finished IVs yesterday and I swear that I've never been more greatful. The drunk-side effects which usually serve as good entertainment for basically everyone else lasted for a few days. They wore off by the first Thursday/Friday and then that Friday was when I cracked my head off the damn cupboard and ended up with a concussion for my trouble, which was kind of it(!) Oddly enough, by the Sunday the drunkness came back with a vengeance and I could bearly control my legs which started to take the piss. I was out with the whole family at that point, but my walking just got so abysmal that I asked for the keys to the car and just sat in the car for the next hour. And for the next week I kept having days where I'd either be fine, or I'd be gripping onto the banister for dear life to stop myself falling backwards down the stairs, and having to grab onto stuff to stand up as my legs just didn't seem to have the strength to deal with my constant demands of wanting to walk around, or standing up and so on.

I think they've worked. I definitely feel better but my memory is so crap I generally can't remember how I felt when I started the IVs. I know I had a worse cough and it's better now, even though I'm still coughing at night b/c I broke my bed - I had an electric bed, and managed to break it by putting too much weight on the top bit when it was raised (in a sitting position, like a cool hosp bed), and the mechanism couldn't take my weight and snapped off.

Yes, fail.

So now I have a boring flat bed until my Dad can fix my bed. And apparently I cough a lot when I lie flat (I never manage to stay upright with pillows). Doesn't bother me b/c I sleep through it but it pisses the hell out of my family. Obviously they weren't kidding when they said that you shouldn't sit on the top part of the bed when it's raised.

At least I know now.


Gem said...

hahaha!!! Oh dear!! Sorry I shouldn't laugh! That is some achievement breaking your bed. When I lie down flat I don't shut up. They hate me in drama/dance/anything where they make you lie on the floor because they can't hear instructions over my coughing! haha! I think it's a post-nasal drip... not sure though! Glad you're feeling better though and even more glad you got out on saturday night :D xxx

Jesse Petersen (CF Fatboy) said...

I have pretty bad hearing now, too, plus tinnitus from two summers in a factory and a loud stereo for 4 years. At least with tobra we have an excuse for hearing like old people, plus we have the option of "ignoring" people a little easier, though it is frustrating when you DO want to hear what's going on.

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