Sunday, 27 June 2010

I survived.

I think. All appendages accounted for, so I consider that a win. It was pretty awesome. I got completely knackered walking from the meet up/sign up point to the top of the bridge, but hell, it was SO worth it. The only part where I was completely and utterly scared was standing on the edge of the bridge b/c it just seemed so easy to slip. Yeah I was already harnessed up and shiz, but it was still scary!

 [Can you blame me?! It was shit high up there]

 [Weeeeeeeeee. Major fun]


[Most likely me being a complete tool and genuinely asking what are the chances that I'd hit a seagull. I'm not a seagull fanatic or anything. I just think that beak would hurt if you hit it at 30mph]

Major hugs to everyone who donated :) I overtook my target too, so yay! It was definitely awesome and me and my cousin said we'd be doing it next year (She didn't this year). Next year it's a zipslide off the Baltic. A big art building-y place not far from the tyne bridge.

It's a *tad* higher up than the bridge - I'm guessing we'd be on the roof. But I just climbed over a freaking barrier of a bridge and effectively sat in mid air supported by a piece of wire (I resisted calling it a 'piece of string'). So I'm pretty sure I can do this too.

Some videos for you lovely people too. Unfortunately my camera apparently cut out the second that I started actually winging my way down to the finishing point, but my cousin, who was the one taking the video, switched it back and and caught the majority of the zippy-ness.

Plus, I got a free t-shirt.


Anonymous said...

Well done Meg!.You looked surprisingly calm up there.

I assume no seagulls were hurt in the making of your film!!


Darkies Gem said...

Well done!!

Looks like you enjoyed it! Yay!!

Free T-shirt, always good. :D

Piper said...

Brilliant. Just brilliant. Way to go, you!

Tori said...


Gem said...

Free t-shirt!!! :O Bonus!!! Video's are awesomeee! xx

Gemma said...

well done girly! xx

Katey said...

Wow. That's awesome. What an accomplishment. Congrats!!

MBNAD woman said...

Utterly amazing! I've been a bit busy this last few days so it's taken till now to catch up. I loved your aplomb - sitting there looking cool and relaxed.
Well done for exceeding your target too.
And just what was the probability of slamming into a seagull?
Mad x

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