Wednesday, 6 January 2010

We make our own fun.

Drip stand skating. It's incredibly fun. This isn't exactly the best video of me, I'm usually much better (aka, not bashing into walls) but I'm gonna blame the colistin and be done with it. Even if that's not technically true.

Getting IVs is hardly the highlight of my week, but it got me out the house. And there were basically zero patients there as everyone is snowed in. Seeing as it was my annual review, that involved taking what felt like several pints of blood. And I apparently only find out these blood results if there's something wrong with them. Which pisses me off b/c I never find out the results for stuff. My Dr showed me the xray they took a couple of weeks ago. It's not the best xray out there if I'm honest. Basically every inch of my lungs are either infection or scarring. Apparently there's a lot of scaring there. It looked pretty bad where I've had pleurisy, but I was hardly surprised about that. But, fuck, that xray was practically almost completely grey/white, whilst healthy lungs with no infection or scarring would come up black (apart from the ribs). I forgot to ask to see my xray before that one so I could see if my port has moved, as I swear it has, just to the left a bit.

It still works though, which is good. Especially after the fantastic 'dropping the hairdryer on my port' moment I had last week. That fucking hurt! But the nurse started the IVs before I even realised if I'd wrecked it or not.

I've also got to go have a bone density scan soon as I've been on pred for months now and I haven't had a scan for years.

What I didn't like about the appt was the fact that I've lost weight. I literally do nothing but eat most of the day, so begs the question where the fuck the weight is actually going? My LF dropped, but technically, my last LF test results weren't my actual numbers, as whenever I'm on Cipro (as I was last time) my LF is always higher. Which meant my LF is still around 70% which is pretty damn good, and nothing to complain about, but my Dr seemed concerned about the drop from 78% to 70% until I reminded him about the being-on-cipro thing for my last LF test.

Oh, that, and the fact that I saw 'MRSA positive' on my next appt sheet. Which lead to me being all confused, as I was told I got rid of it. I know that it was on the sheet to make sure that I only get an appt where there's other MRSA patients (which means that if I don't have it I'll fucking be leaving with it) so... it's a whole confusing thing.


It's been a tres snowy start to the year which has resulted in lots (and lots) of photos with that lovely camera of mine. Speaking of which, I'm back to college on Saturday, and starting the certificate part of the qualification. Hopefully no more darkroom stuff though, as that really gets annoying...


Anonymous said...

Someone once asked me when you go on a diet where does the weight go?. I still don't know.

Make sure you are eating regularly and high calorie foods and plenty of protein. Ahhh help ..... sound like a dietician now!! Seriously, its so important to keep you weight up.


babbler said...

Keep up the skating, looks like fun! If you come visit my blog, you will see why I like sliding so much....Best of luck to you during your treatment and at school. You are a trooper! Love, Mrs. Slug

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