Saturday, 16 January 2010

It never gets easier.

This is the last thing I wanted to write.

RIP Jess.

If I'm perfectly honest, I'm in major denial over this. It doesn't seem real.

This isn't fair. Jess fought so long to get those lungs. I guess the fight took it all out of her. We knew she had hit a road block in the recovery, but everyone was convinced that she'd be ok, that this was going to be a long, and slow recovery, but she'd come back from it just like she'd always done.

She never really got a chance to use her new lungs. She waited too long. This shouldn't have happened. It wouldn't have happened if there were more people signed up on the organ donor register.

I don't know why people don't just do it. You sign up, it takes two minutes, and you make sure your family knows your wishes. And with that you can save the lives of people who desperately need it.

I know I've mentioned this a lot. But I'm hardly going to stop now. If you're already signed up, make it a little mission to get other people signed up. The more that sign up, the more lives are potentially saved.


Lucie said...

I was absolutely devastated when I heard about Jess' death. I just can't see that there's any justice in the world…I hope your doing okay.


Something Happened Somewhere Turning said...

I'm sorry to hear about your friend. I am a transplant patient and it bothers me a lot when I hear about someone in the liver community (or any other) who has passed. Especially when I know them.
I agree with your sentiments. That we have to wait until we are almost gone is tragic.
I am praying for her friends and family.

Cough Of Death said...

so incredibly not fair.
not at all.
she was supposed to do it all!
Breathe Easy Jess<3

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