Monday, 28 December 2009

2009 in a nutshell.

It might be a hefty nutshell though.

Anyways. 2009 has definitely been different. I've certainly had good points which I won't be forgetting - I started college, learnt a hell of a lot of awesome photography stuff, made friends that have literally changed my life, had no major LF drops (yay!) laughed till I've cried countless times, got a job, went to London... I could actually go on, but if I did the list would never end.

We've lost too many people this year, that's for sure. That's the only bad thing about this year - it's the first time I've really lost a friend with CF. That's the downside of being on the CF boards, but it's just something you have to deal with, as without the boards, you would never have known those people in the first place. And when those people did die, it made me take a double take over a few things, and hold on a hell of a lot tighter to what I've got.

Swimming failed this year. I swear I've barely gone at all, although I blamed things like the -20*C weather or having a cold. Good excuses in my book, but I kinda just want to avoid things like what happened the last time I went there - someone standing outside the cubicle I was in, having one of those loooooooooovely coughing fits (and I didn't hear her talking at all given I didn't have my HAs in) so god knows how long she was standing there asking what was up. I eventually saw her feet, opened the door and she was pretty much like 'You're coughing a lot you know.' I just wanted to say one thing to her, and if I had the energy to, I would have said it.
I'm guessing you already have a hint to what I wanted to say to her. Something along the lines of 'Piss off!!!!!!!!!!' would have gone down nicely. I'm still at a loss to why people like pointing it out. 'Yeah I know I sound bad, but now you've pointed it out, I'm even more aware of how crappy I sound. So thanks for that.' I might actually go as far as wearing a sign that says 'I know I'm coughing. If you're gonna point it out, kindly fuck off.'

Attitude is clearly getting a win here.

Short of getting nostalgic on everything that has happened this year, I've got nothing else to write. If the good times of 2009 are any indication, 2010 is going to be so much better.

At least 2009 goes out with a bang. Jessica Wales, who has been waiting 4 years for her double lung transplant finally got her call last night. With 9 false alarms, and the 10th one being the charm, everyone is incredibly happy for Jess getting her call in time - she's been on a very bumpy road these past few weeks/months, so getting her call now is clearly the best belated Christmas present and start to 2010 anyone could have.

Now... all we have to do is get all those other lovely people their calls. One of those people include the amazing Rachael Wakefield. Rachy has done brilliantly getting SO many people signed up on the organ donor register. But we'll always need more people. So if you're not signed up, make it your New Years resolution.

You could save someone's life. Hell, you could save up to seven people. Now that's finding the silver lining in something as terrible and scary as dying.

So why not?


Lucie said...

What a gem of a post Meg - i love it. You never fail to make me smile.

I was so happy to hear about Jess getting her call, and man, after 9 false alarms, if anyone deserves it - SHE DOES! (does she have a blog?)

And exercise - ahhhhh. Its winter, we live in the UK…and, well, I can imagine that going swimming and coming out with wet hair would turn us to ice in Mid december (ive thought alot about this - like my exercise excuses? hehe)…but yeah, summers a much better time to exercise!

Heres to a great 2010!

Love x

Cough Of Death said...

long blog!
and yes, nosey ppl at the pool should 'kindly fuck off'
love ya megzzie<3

MBNAD woman said...

Thank you for all you great posts in 2009 and my best wishes for 2010.

Mad x

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