Wednesday, 13 January 2010

The randomness of updates.

Headaches and IVs (and nebs).

Fantastic combo or what?!

Yeah I was bored too.

Anyways. Not much has happened, mainly cause of the snow. I managed to get last Friday off work (and Saturday off college), as I didn't want to even attempt to get there with the roads in a dire state, but also cause Colo was still wrecking my balance. For some reason it's lasted longer than it has in the past, although getting less each day.

It's getting silly though. On Sunday, I stood up and literally fell straight down. Not something I'm used to. (Yeah, we can leave all the 'but you walk into stuff all the time' jokes at the door for this one) It was taking me bloody ages to even stand up in the first place too. I'm sure if anyone had been in the room with me, they would have been falling over laughing. I can see a bright side here though - I'm small, so I don't have far to fall!

And the headaches... Or just the one determined bastard. It stuck about for about two days. And I tried to get rid of it. Hell, I stopped wearing my HAs for the rest of Monday to see if it would help, as sometimes if they're being annoying, it just creates headaches. But no, that didn't work. I both like and hate the silence of not wearing those things. It just continually reminded me of those headaches I'd get in the hospital when they jacked the O2 off me after my last port op. Cuz, they'd take it off, my sats would drop and I'd get a REALLY annoying headache. But, this can't be that, as I haven't had an op, and my sats are bouncing about 93/95 (My average is usually 95. I miss my average of 97 tho) and I can't find any other explanation, like being dehydrated or something like that.

My house is full of wimps - the strongest painkiller we have is ibuprofen. *Sighs* Aha, until I raided the cupboard (I'm gonna call it a mini pharmacy and be done with it) and found some co-codamol.

Well, at least it finally went away. Now all I need is spring to appear, to get rid of all this snow (Boo for being out of breath within 2 minutes b/c of the damn stuff) so I can go all 'Camera mode' on everything. Funny thing - the local pub is interested in my photos and want to look at what I've got, as they're considering having one blown up for a big picture on the wall, cause they like the sound of some local pics I've taken.



Anonymous said...

Meg, sorry about the headaches and such but I did have to laugh at your description of getting up and falling right down. Congrats on the pub wanting a look at your pictures. That would be really cool if the did use some and you could see them everytime you went in there. On a side note, I have to say you look like you could be a member of my family. I am English and Irish(thus the DDF508 combo). Anyway, take care and hope you are feeling better.


Gemma said...

Meg you should really tell your team that your balance is so bad. They can reduce the dose xx

Tori said...

That's great news about your photo's in the pub!!

Gemma's right have you spoke to your team about your balance?

Megan said...

My team already know about the crap balance thing, they didn't seem too bothered as it's apparently a normal side effect on colo. It's worn off now tho, so no more falling over (mostly)!

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