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...From the depths of boredom.

Have you had your dose of irony today people? If not, no worries, I always carry extra...

There is a programme called '' I don't know what its about, and frankly, couldn't care less. But the irony? Oh yes, it's on a channel which doesn't have subtitles.

Sing it with me: 'I-R-O-N-Y!'

I haven't done much. Still waiting for Monday, my well awaited 18th. Over the years, I've definitely grown up, birthday wise. 10 years ago, I would have been irritating everyone I could reach with 'Its my birthday in a month!', 'It's my birthday in a week' and 'It's my birthday in [insert number of hours here].' Now, I'm not actually bothered. People, well, family, keep asking me what I want for my birthday. I can only think of one thing. A book. A book, people! That's all I want for my 18th. It's a good book though. The last in a series of 10 books by Louise Rennison. And I don't care if the book (Ahem, '…

Such is my life.

Ah, waiting for my A2 results is SO nerve racking, and it's not for another month. Great. If only I had something to occupy my time with, say, going to a party or two. Oh yes, that's right. My mates don't tell me when they're having one. Don't get me wrong, I love my friends to bits, and more, but I'm really hating this new decision to exclude me from having fun. They're either forgetting about me or thinking that they'd rather I weren't wherever, as you can't claim that a party is totally last minute when pretty much everyone you know is there. It just means by the time you've remembered the one person you didn't tell, it's most likely past 1am.

I'm so fucking bored its just not funny anymore.

I went to see Harry Potter and the half blood prince on Tues. It was good, but they did miss out a few things, and replaced them with bits that weren't in the book *cough* Lupin-and-Tonks-totally-weren't-supposed-to-be-together-yet *…

London photos!

For your enjoyment, my photos from London! My Dad took a lot more (when we added my own photos onto a disk, there was a total of 1300 or so files, including a few videos, like rides on the limo and stuff.) The pictures on the slide show are all of MY photos that I took, bar one or two that included the 'rents or my sis. Sometimes holding onto a tiny bit of anonymity is a good thing!

This is a link to a photobucket slideshow. It took f o r e v e r to upload these pics as my laptop is slow and hates me, so everytime I uploaded photos, it would either freeze or take in excess of 5 hours. But it's done now, so I'm happy.

EDIT: Yeah, I'll be adding more pics, ones of which I'll be in, but these are the ones that I took on my own camera. I'll have to sort through my Dads 1000 odd pics, which will probably take plnty of time…

My memory is officially crap.

God, I'm stupid. I've only just realised, I'd probably have a better job fighting off these infections (thank you, Pleurisy) if I gained some weight. I've already decided that my legs are far too skinny - in a way that my skinny jeans are still loose. Fashion nightmare or what?! Anyway, as I was saying. I need to gain weight. So for however long it's taken for me to realise that (Ok, I've always known it, but something has only just clicked - Skinny Minnie = crap health. Duh.) I now just have to figure out how. I've had a nice boost from pred, and it looks like our faithful little steroid is worming its way into a more permanent fixture of my tablet routine - its now 10mg a day 'long term'. I'm fine with that. Without it, I eat less than a dormouse.

So, can everyone just chuck their calories my way? Much appreciated, thanks.

Oooh, you know what I did... I bloody went and forgot to mention the stitch/pain thing whenever I run. I know mentioning it …

Unaccomplished expectations.

I've had a fairly uneventful week. I went to clinic on Friday, and my PFTs are holding steady at the exact same number they were last month. That's good and bad. It's good as it means the numbers haven't declined, but it's bad as I was hoping for an increase after all this effing running. I feel like I've accomplished nothing, even though I've only been running for a month and a half, and I'm sure that the incessant heat has had some effect on me (and not necessarily a positive effect either). I was so hoping for an increase of my PFTs, even just by a few numbers, and instead I get the exact same numbers as last time. I suppose you could argue that I haven't had IVs for a while and that had I not started running, my numbers would be lower, but I still have an empty space where I was hoping for some feeling of accomplishment.

I've got a month till my next appointment, where I'll be getting IVs. Ceftaz and Colistin. I haven't seen the 80…

My trip to London.

Soooo much happened. And it was unbelievably fun. There was ONE downside, which was completely uncontrollable, which was the weather. I swear I melted. I did actually think my converses were melting onto the pavement until I realised I was standing in chewing gum. I found it hilarious.

Anyhoo... After the 3 hour train ride (sped up mostly by reading Harry Potter) we taxi'd down to the Radisson SAS hotel and dropped off our bags, then went straight onto one of those open top bus tours, which you can hop on/off when you get somewhere you like. Which we did. A few times, involving more walking about in the sweltering heat, and then getting back on the top of the bus and enjoying a nice breeze, interupted by those charming traffic lights. I took about 150 photos on the bus alone, and LOADS more over the next two days.

Tuesday, we got up fairly early, around 7ish, which to me feels like the crack of dawn. The limo (Yeah!!!) arrived right outside the hotel for 9.30am and took us to Topsho…