Friday, 17 July 2009

London photos!

For your enjoyment, my photos from London! My Dad took a lot more (when we added my own photos onto a disk, there was a total of 1300 or so files, including a few videos, like rides on the limo and stuff.) The pictures on the slide show are all of MY photos that I took, bar one or two that included the 'rents or my sis. Sometimes holding onto a tiny bit of anonymity is a good thing!

This is a link to a photobucket slideshow. It took f o r e v e r to upload these pics as my laptop is slow and hates me, so everytime I uploaded photos, it would either freeze or take in excess of 5 hours. But it's done now, so I'm happy.

EDIT: Yeah, I'll be adding more pics, ones of which I'll be in, but these are the ones that I took on my own camera. I'll have to sort through my Dads 1000 odd pics, which will probably take plnty of time :)


V_x said...

You have some pretty pictures in there but I've been to London quite a few times and seen the sights, where are all the pictures of you enjoying London? Getting styled and stuff, the picture of you actually drinking the cocktail in The Hard Rock Cafe? Those are the pictures I like to see :)

MBNAD woman said...

Wonderful memories! If you can spot The Gherkin on the photos (looking towards the City), then I walk from the Eye to just under The Gherkin every morning.


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