Saturday, 11 July 2009

My memory is officially crap.

God, I'm stupid. I've only just realised, I'd probably have a better job fighting off these infections (thank you, Pleurisy) if I gained some weight. I've already decided that my legs are far too skinny - in a way that my skinny jeans are still loose. Fashion nightmare or what?! Anyway, as I was saying. I need to gain weight. So for however long it's taken for me to realise that (Ok, I've always known it, but something has only just clicked - Skinny Minnie = crap health. Duh.) I now just have to figure out how. I've had a nice boost from pred, and it looks like our faithful little steroid is worming its way into a more permanent fixture of my tablet routine - its now 10mg a day 'long term'. I'm fine with that. Without it, I eat less than a dormouse.

So, can everyone just chuck their calories my way? Much appreciated, thanks.

Oooh, you know what I did... I bloody went and forgot to mention the stitch/pain thing whenever I run. I know mentioning it in this blog is practically becoming mandatory per post, but somehow it slipped my mind when I was at my latest appointment. I don't even know how. It bugs me basically all the time, and when I was actually talking to the Doc, the one guy who probably has a faint idea of what it is or if there is anything they can do for the crippling pain associated with exercise, (ergo, minimum of moving in a brisk pace for more than 50 yards) I bloody went and forgot, and have to deal with the pain for a further 4 weeks till my next appointment. I mean, geez.

My slide show of London photos is still out of reach - I made one in Windows movie maker, and every time I try and upload it, I get an error before it's finished loading. So I tried splitting it between two slide shows instead, thinking that it was maybe the sheer weight of 200 photos causing the problem. Obviously not, as the same thing happened again. I tried several times with and other sites similar to that, but after uploading 20 photos, every time, some stupid thing says something about a 'run time error' and 'must end in an unusual way' (i.e. close the browser automatically and leave me completely frustrated and screaming into a pillow.)

*Sighs* Hopefully you won't mind waiting for the photos until I find some miracle way to put them on here. Because frankly, you don't have much choice till blogger lets me!

Ok, this is well and truly pissing me off. Cinemas are supposed to show subtitled screenings of at least the top 5 box office films at the time or something like that, and the only reasons why they won't show a subtitled version at least once is usually because its been shown at a nearby cinema or they've only got a certain number of screenings. Anyhow, you'd think they'd show a subtitled Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, right? Well I've been checking the Odeon site now and again, and the nearest place showing a subtitled version is in Harrogate. That is like 1 1/2 fucking hours away. And the next nearest place is more than double that I think. So I'm furious. Its practically discrimination -we just can't be arsed to show a subtitled version of basically the most popular movie at the moment. Grrrr.

I was really looking forward to that movie too.

EDIT: I found a subtitled screening, via sending several emails complaining on why there weren't any subtitled screenings as far as I knew. Funnily enough, one of the replies I got said 'I don't know who you've been talking to, but we do have some subtitled screenings....'. I hadn't been talking to anyone, I'd been searching several official cinema sites in vain trying to find a screening. I managed to find one at the Empire, in Newcastle/Gateshead/whatever side it's on, and because I ordered it online I therefore get a free upgrade to the comfy seats. And its £2.20 cheaper than the Odeon. Hahahaha....

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MBNAD woman said...

I was sorry to read about your problems with getting to a subtitled HP6. I notice that the Odeon in Gateshead has quite a few AD screenings. Is that a more convenient place to get to?

My dad was 70% deaf and he died before subtitles became available for television. When he was a child there were still quite a few silent movies but he didn't enjoy the cinema ever in my recollection. Out televisions used to wear out because of the vibrations of being on so loud!

wrt your London pics. You could put them on Flickr or picasa and post a link on the blog?


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