Wednesday, 1 July 2009

My trip to London.

Soooo much happened. And it was unbelievably fun. There was ONE downside, which was completely uncontrollable, which was the weather. I swear I melted. I did actually think my converses were melting onto the pavement until I realised I was standing in chewing gum. I found it hilarious.

Anyhoo... After the 3 hour train ride (sped up mostly by reading Harry Potter) we taxi'd down to the Radisson SAS hotel and dropped off our bags, then went straight onto one of those open top bus tours, which you can hop on/off when you get somewhere you like. Which we did. A few times, involving more walking about in the sweltering heat, and then getting back on the top of the bus and enjoying a nice breeze, interupted by those charming traffic lights. I took about 150 photos on the bus alone, and LOADS more over the next two days.

Tuesday, we got up fairly early, around 7ish, which to me feels like the crack of dawn. The limo (Yeah!!!) arrived right outside the hotel for 9.30am and took us to Topshop. When we got there, we went to the 'style advisor' area, where we talked to two style advisors and then they went round the shop to pick out some clothes to try on. Basically, pretty much everything from the 'Petite' section (seeing as I'm such a small kiddy). After about two hours of jumping in and out of the changing room, and also having lunch brought down to us (the style advisor place is actually underground, as is most of topshop, but its really nice and bright) I chose the stuff I liked and bought it with some of the 'Shopping money' that was given to me from Make-a-Wish. I spent £300! But sooooo worth it, as now I'm gonna look much less like a 12 year old kid in a naff t-shirt, and I've got plenty of skinny jeans and t-shirts to go with leggings (despite me complaining that I hate my skinny legs, the style advisors had a lot of leggings and t-shirt suggestions).

After we left topshop, we wandered down to Primark, because who doesn't love that shop? Actually, to say we walked was an understatement. I didn't realise it was actually on the other side of the mile and a half street, and we were all once again knackered in the heat, so getting into a A/C'd shop was a nice slice of heaven. I went into a few other shops on our way back down to Topshop as that was where we said we'd meet the limo, to go down to Harrods. And Harrods - defiantly different than what you would imagine. Although I could happily marry the sweet department. Mmmmmm.

After that, we went to the Hard Rock Cafe wow! I love it in there. I had a hurricane berry smoothie, where you get the souvenir glass for free, a normal cheese burger, but obviously much better than your typical burger, and then I had a sinful hot fudge sundae for pudding. YUM. I'm surprised I could walk after that. We went to the shop after and I bought a Hard Rock Cafe T shirt and keyring, and I also bought my little sis the T-shirt she chose. After that we waiting for the Limo and went back to the hotel. We'd also bought some little champagne truffles from Hotel Chocolat for the Limo driver, as a thank you.

Then today was the last day. Still getting woken up at the crack of 7am, and we went to the aquarium first, until it was time to go to the London Eye. I got a load more photos from the eye, and it was boiling hot again when we left. We pretty much just walked around (much to my protests - I can't stand walking around aimlessly when my feet hurt and it feels like 100 *C.) until we went to the train station. We did have a bit of a wait, but eventually the train came chugging along and it was the glorious 3 hour ride back home. Where it started to rain. Typico.

I've put all my new lovely stuff away and I've kept all the things like receipts and daft stuff like that. My Dad said I should make a collage out of it, as half of the stuff is things like the tickets to the places we went, and its actually a good idea seeing as I'll be bored again pretty soon. It's getting on now, so I'll catch up on my sleep tonight and upload the photos somehow tomorrow. I'll have to check out the slideshow idea I thought of, I'm not sure I can actually put the slideshow in the post or not. But I'm tired, so that's tomorrow's issue.


Heidi said...

How wonderful! I am so glad you had a great time. I can't wait to see pics of your fancy new clothes! I keep reading about movie stars who LOVE Topshop!

Kellee said...

Im soooooo glad you had fun and got lots of new goodies!! I cant wait to see your pics!

Jessica said...

I love reading your blog! Most of all I love how your accent comes through. any ways I just finally discovered how to make a slide show on my blog... I will save you the agony of it all, go to

You have been an inspiration to me... Thank You!

Gemma said...

you can just use windows movie maker to make a slide show, its really easy! glad you had a good time xx

V_x said...

Oooo sounds fun!! Topshop style advisor lucky you!! You'll be looking fabulous xx

MBNAD woman said...

Fantastic. Glad you had a great time. I walk from Waterloo (more or less the London Eye) along the South Bank and up to the City (just beside the Gherkin) every morning. There's a lot to dislike about London but the skyline, especially seen from the Eye is amazing.

Claire said...

Sounds like a great trip!

If you need any uploading photo tips or what nots give me a shout :)

Beth said...

TOP SHOP QUEEN!! Love it! Im glad you had so much fun in London! Shopping in a new place always adds style to the wardrobe! Leggings are great! Rock them darling!

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