I'm not complaining here, but a lot of the teens on the UK CF forum talk about either getting sedation or gas and air for blood takes or getting a line/venflon put in.

Yeah, really hardcore guys.

I'm sorry, but no. You're gonna be doing this your whole life, you might as well get used to it. And if you need to be knocked out every time you need a line to get IVs, well that's just going to make matters worse. When I was a kid they'd use the emla cream if I was getting a line or bloods, and that's it. And this is stuff starting from about age 6. And I'm talking about teens who need gas and air for a needle stuck in their hand.

Yeah, ok, so maybe it might make it a tad less traumatic for them, but if the older CFers could do it when they were younger, you shouldn't have to sugar coat it for the younger ones. But gas and air? I can't seem to get over that. I do once remember being in hospital when I was 11, and I was on the ward, actually on the ward b/c they kept shifting me about from cubicle to a different cubicle to being on the ward itself. Anyway, my point is, I was on the ward, minding my own, when this boy, about my age, was kicking up an unbelievable fuss. He was kicking and screaming and making a tremendous racket, and his Mum was clearly trying desperately to calm him down. It turned out he was freaking out over getting a new long line put in (I think his current one had given up the ghost). Fair enough, no kid likes having to go through that. But, he was freaking out over being put to sleep for it. So technically he wouldn't even be awake for the ordeal.

He obviously subsided and got carted off and about 30 or so mins later he was back in the bed next to me and all groggy from being knocked out. Now, I may have been 11 at the time, but I was totally aware that this was a... hmm... slight over reaction to getting a line put in. I had them for 6 years before asking for a port. And the only time I was asleep when getting a line was when they gave me a bronc when I was 6, and decided to swap the venflon in my hand for a line.

It's just ridiculous.


Gemma said…
I've never had gas and air or anything like that either. I used to have emla and I also had it on my port but became allergic so now have nothing now. I used to scream the place down and run away. Sometimes I think they do it because it's easier for the medical staff because it can't be great for the lungs? A needle once snapped in my arm cos I was wiggling and then they had to try fish it out, hardcore def!
Anonymous said…
I am 46 years old and never had any sedation for a PICC line placement. When I transitioned to the "adult" hospital they offered it, but I figure I never had it before why do I need it. In fact one time they used some contrast dye which I had a severe allergic reaction to and I am glad I was not sedated at the time - wouldn't have been able to tell them how I was feeling!!
Harmony said…
I think I giggled through you blog! I am 23 and i have never heard of people getting sedated for a line. I dont think i have even ever ben asked. hahaha! I find it funny but I suppose it just dosen't bug...or freak me out.
Heidi said…
WOW! I have never heard of this! I thought I had heard it all. WOW. I never had a stitch of any sedation or numbing meds, even when accessing my port! They need to grown the heck up! Yeah it sucks, but it's life. Deal!

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