Thursday, 17 December 2009

P.S. It's snowing.

So... my arm still wrecks from the swine flu jab. Not as much as it did, but I'm sure bumping into stuff with that arm probably doesn't help. You cannot add me to a flu jab and expect to come away from that completely injury free. I've got the joy of another hospital appt in early Jan, where they'll be taking several pints of blood (b/c draining a CFer of half their blood sounds like a perfect idea...) b/c I have to get my annual bloods taken to check all those fun levels. I'm quite curious to know what my RAST and IgE levels are, even if I barely understand them, b/c last time I had them taken, they were high. Actually, 'high' sounds like an understatement. Apparently they had rocketed to ridiculous heights. My IgE levels were over 2000, and apparently an ok level is under 500, or something. My RAST levels were around 70, which is also apparently pretty high.
But then again, this was a few months ago, so I want completely different results (of the better kind, not the crappy kind, please). Y'know, if they ever tell me the results. If they don't I'll just have to steal my hospital folder. A task I've been working on for quite a while now.

At the moment my port is being a bit... odd. It feels like there's a sharp pain going through it. It goes away and comes back, and it's definitely there when I cough. It's odd and kinda verging on painful. My neck is uncomfortable too - where the tube for the port is. My mum actually said she'd take me to hospital if it gets worse, but I don't see what they could do about it. Part of me is worrying that it's my port trying to give up the ghost there and then, but it's not even 2 years old. (I'm not saying new ports can't kick it though. My first one lasted mere months before needing to be replaced). Obviously I worry like hell thinking that I'll need a new port - my last port op went ok, it was the recovery that was a bitch.

Not only that, but I find lines in my arm/wrist/hand sting like a mo-fo, which is also why ports are pretty much a god send. Oh well. I'll find out in Jan if my ports still clinging on or not (And it better fucking be, or I'll be having words).

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