Saturday, 28 November 2009

I cough too much.

My cough hates me. It's like, it stores up loads of coughing until I'm out in public and then I'm hit with one of those oh-so-fun and spectacular coughing fits.

I mean, really, even in the swimming pool.

Oh well. I'm gonna have to learn to deal with it. Right now, my favorite way to do this is to just flip them off when they turn around. I clearly swear too much, but what the hell. Why not?

I think it's the cold that did it. The stupid thing is, the IVs I've not long finished were b/c I was coughing a lot, although not really considered as that ill at the time as my LF was stable and my weight was up. So, the IVs were more or less to try and stop my cough, as coughing all day and night takes too much energy and it's harder to gain weight when all said energy is going towards coughing and fighting infections.

Where was I? Ah yeah. Basically, the IVs probably didn't work as much as they should have. I've no idea why, but I was still coughing afterwards. If you add that to a cold, you're gonna be coughing more and might as well have not even fucking bothered with the IVs. I don't want another round this year. I've already had loads. More than I usually have, I think. I'm just terrified of becoming resistant to things; I used to have Cipro whenever I seemed to be getting ill but didn't want to resort to IVs. And now it's stopped working. It used to work fine. In fact, it was working fine a year ago - back when I started blogging, and I found out I had MRSA. They put me on gigantic sized bricks they called a tablet (It wasn't a tablet, it was honestly a fucking brick) for the MRSA and also the fun (also fecking brick sized) Cipro tablet, presumably for... I don't know, insurance, or something like that. Anyhoo, on those two tablets, I came back to clinic one week later (they were only for two weeks) and hit 80% in my pfts. And I rarely hit 80%. I'm not complaining about the 60 ish % I have, but I honestly miss my 80%.

I haven't seen my PFTs since I had my IVs started b/c that was the last time I was at clinic, and I'm not back until the beginning of Dec. I really hope that I've improved from 64% b/c if I have, it means that two things have worked - laughing so hard you fall over (Which I believe helps, even if no one else does) and swimming. I've only been twice, as last week, I had my cold in full blown 'Urgh I can barley get out of bed' mode and the week before that, I had to help my sister with something. But I went this week and managed another 10 lengths, which I'm happy about. I would have tried to stretch to 12, but I was knackered and getting progressively pissed at the people pointing out my cough (Why do people feel the unending need to point out the obvious! Yes, for fucks sake, I KNOW I'm coughing! Leave me alone already!)

The main reason why I want my LF to be over what it was, is b/c at 64%, its about 9% higher than what it was when I felt at my worst. It was a bad dip that took me down to 55% and when you get a sudden dip like that, it's not fun. I couldn't walk around school properly, and even though I'm not at school now, if my LF dropped suddenly I know I'd struggle at work and at college. I'm not saying 55% is the end of the world - hell, I know people with much lower LF than that on a daily basis. But my point is, when you loose a load of lung function, whatever it is, its hard to get used to. Hence, why I'd rather my LF crept up rather than crept down.

It might seem difficult to increase your LF when you're coughing a lot and just had a load of (seemingly pointless) IVs... but it's fun to do the impossible.


Gemma said...

I find when I go swimming its the first few lengths that make me cough like mad and then it seems to settle abit. When i'm well I can manage about 30 length in about 40 mins, pretty impressive for me I think! lol!

Gem said...

Hi, I blog too and have been following your blog. I just wanted to say it's good to know someone else my age with similar problems to me! The coughing comments drive me mad too! Especially when it's "Oh I had that bug a few weeks ago" well erm don't think you did! Hope you manage to keep off the IV's! Gem

Tori said...

Coughing sucks!!

I have nothing more constructive to say :)

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