Wednesday, 23 December 2009

[Good!] Port update


My port works fine, which I found out when I went to the hospital on Monday (again with the wakings at stupid o'clock). It still kind of hurts, which is annoying, but the important thing is that it works as I've got IVs in a few weeks in Jan, and a broken port would sort of affect those plans.

I swear I was pretty freaked out all weekend cause had no idea what it was, whether it was the port or just me being my weird self (or possibly caused by yet another injury), and I was pretty scared that it was this port packing up for good. I mean, I've already had two other ports so needing a 4th one already would have pissed me off a bit. I was freaked that if this port buggered up, I'd have to go through the whole thing that happened last time I had a port op - having crap sats for days afterwards and spending more time than I bargained for jacked up on oxygen. It was definitely my most difficult recovery that I remember, although as that was almost 2 years ago, anything could go different next time.

Plus, there's basically zero chance of me letting them do a port under local. I'm such a wuss it's unbelievable. If anyone ever tries to give me an op of any kind under local, I'd be such a difficult patient they'd be begging someone to knock me out.

Trust me on that.

At least I can stop freaking out about it, and another port op is not something I have to think about right now. I got 5 years out of my old port, so I'd be pretty damn pleased if I got more out of this one.

That's it I guess! Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas! (If anyone needs me, I'll be surrounded in the calorific goodness known as most xmas food. So, try not to need me.)

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Gemma said...

I once had a port put in under a local, I did not like it! lol! Demanded I had the next one under a general!
Have a good Christmas Meggy xx

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