Friday, 11 December 2009

Keep on keeping on.

On Sunday, pleurisy strike 2 [it seems to have moved from my right side to my left] got more painful than it had been over the past few days. I was quite freaked - my sats were 87, my HR was high and I was breathing pretty weird. Mainly b/c the shallower the breath, the less painful it was. The thing is though, that's not a scratch on how painful it can get. I mean, hell, when my Mum took me to hospital with it in April, I needed a wheelchair to get up to the ward, and all of those oh-so-fun trips down to x-ray/ultrasound. And I never need a wheelchair. So I think that says something.

I was fine on Monday morning but by the afternoon it started to hurt again, probably a mixture of being outside and those lovely coughing fits. But I ended up leaving work early b/c of it. My Mum phoned the dr and he said to bring me in as early as possible to clinic the next day. Which meant I was woken up at the ungodly hour of 7am. I think we should be able to follow a rule - if the moon is still visible when you wake up, you're allowed to sleep in. On the way to Newcastle the sun came up. That's how freaking early it was. All that happened to hospital was the basic tests (I lost weight dammit) and then seeing the dr who ordered me an Xray. After the Xray (Where both me and my Dad realised that we should turn off our mobiles b/c the Xray dept. is probably the last place you want your mobile phone on) we went back to clinic where my dr said there was nothing different on this Xray compared to my last one. Um, I was ill when I had the last Xray.


The weirdest thing about the impromptu clinic appt was my LF results. I was expecting the same numbers, if not lower, b/c I felt like hell. When the technician showed me the numbers I was pretty damn shocked. My dr did the clever turning the Litres into a percentage, and there was an 8% increase. In 6 days. And 8% is a fucking massive jump for less than a week. I don't even know what caused it. Cipro? One thing about my LF increase is that I feel guilty. I mean, on top of those pretty elated and greatful feelings that my lungs are finally being kicked into shape. When there's people with lower LF, or their LF is dropping, I feel bad that I'm doing better. I just keep hoping that everyone who isn't doing as well is just going through a blip and they'll get back to normal soon. With all the confusion, I said to my Dr: 'I feel like hell but my LF has just increased loads. I'm weird'. He said 'Yes you are.' Lovely.

Soooo I went home and then had to go get my arm assaulted by the swine flu jab. The nurse I saw was a tad annoying. She repeated the 'are you allergic to eggs' line about 3 times. When she was satisfied with my 'No' and going through my medical info on the computer, to be sure (I love it when they do that, they always look so shocked b/c I'm on so many meds), she stabbed my arm without warning. Now the being stabbed in the arm part doesn't bother me - I've had enough flu jabs (and not to mention use of my port) to not be bothered about it, but its the stuff inside the jab that hurts like a mo-fo. OW! I mean, holy christ on a cracker that fucking hurt! And then 5 seconds later I could feel my wrist stinging in the same way. And now I have a lovely red mark, there's a bump on my arm and in the place where the jab went, its all warm, like when you get a temperature. I have the fun of looking forward to that again in 3 weeks - the nurse said, alright, wrote on a note (I couldn't understand a damn word she said. It's like I'm surrounded by mumbling idiots) that I need the jab again in 3 weeks, b/c of the amount of meds that I take, it's possible the jab didn't work the first time round. So 30th dec is 'lets stab Megan's arm again' day, and that should be fun for New years(!)

On the bright side, at least I won't get swine flu. But potential drunken antics on New years suggests my arm won't forgive me in a hurry.


Lucie said...

Megan, i love the humour in your posts - I could read pages and pages of your ramblings because, well your just amazing.

Im SO glad you had an increase of 8% in 6 days (WOW!) despite all the pain and stuff youve been having, howd you do it girl?

Hope you have a good weekend!

Lovessss x

Laura's medical journey said...

aw swine flu jab was crap! it hurt me tooo! I had the flu jab in one arm and the swine flu jab in the other! i couldnt move my arms without hurting for a few days :( AND i sleep on my side! lol

Cough Of Death said...

we like the number 8!

(78, 38)

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