Lovely blog award.

Thanks to Heidi who tagged me to recieve this nifty little pic, the 'lovely blog' award...

Cute, isn't it! So, you have to choose four bloggy friends to give it to so... trying not to choose the same people I chose for the photo tag (I'm really getting into the loop of these blog games!) I choose... Hmmm, lets see...

Well, every girl needs a flower or two on her blog right?!


Mossie said…
Thank you very much! And good luck with the unmentionables tomorrow.
About 10 years ago, I did some post-grad qualifications and would listen to the same piece of sublimely beautiful music over and over again. I now can't really listen to it. I wish I'd listened to something like The Smurfs and then i wouldn't have cared... I would probably also been certifiably bonkers by the end as well.
Good luck and have some hugs back.
MBNAD woman x

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