Thursday, 15 January 2009

Mid-week meltdown.

A-Levels. One of the things that exam boards should be hung, drawn and quartered for. Next Monday I have my first of two A2 level exams for January (obviously I'll have a couple more in June.) Anyway, yep, I know all A Level exams are pretty nasty, but Health and Social Care exams, frankly, take the piss. They are the most impossible exams I've ever taken, and on average I get an E on those exams. Crap, yeah I know that too. Although my coursework is supposedly quite good, which means exams are my Achilles heel but my overall grade for the subject is somewhere in the middle, as good coursework plus crap exams equals a totally unfair grade - some people get astronomical results, but sometimes that's just down to the chance of a fuck easy exam. Which I doubt I'll be getting on Monday.

Me, avoiding revision, and courtesy of a friend who took this pic with my new camera, as they just couldn't seem to get enough of it. I didn't even realise they were taking this pic until the flash went off and nearly blinded me. I love that camera!

Back to where I started. Monday's exam. The unit for H+S C is called Child Development: Factors and Theories, which means for the past few months, we've been studying crap on people like Freud and Piaget who had all sorts of warped ideas about stages and stuff that babies go through. As for Freud, he's more twisted than you think. He had some pretty disturbing theories involving the words 'oral' 'anal' and 'phallic'. I think I can happily leave you with those images. Plus, bear in mind we're talking about child development. Eugh.

So this exam is the most impossible of all impossible exams, and I am seriously finding it impossible to remember anything remotely helpful. As part of revision, we go through past exam papers and use them as mocks, and all I know is this: I am sooooooo gonna fail. It always happens - whether I reckon I've revised so much, there's no way I've answered anything too badly, or whether I inwardly scream at the text book, the second I walk into the hall with all those evil little tables that wobble when you write, I forget anything of any use, and spend the remainder of the hour (or two in Monday's case. Don't get me started on Tuesday after next four hour exam. Suffice to say, they thought they'd get cocky, and put two separate H+S C exam units together. Bastards) with some sodding song in my head, which I will inevitably repeat, for what feels like years.

I actually like those songs. I especially like the song 'Ruby' by Kaiser Chiefs, as the 3rd line in the first verse, for me, is totally apt. For those of you who have no idea who I'm on about (Seriously, everyone has heard of 'Ruby' though) it goes 'There is nothing I need, except the function to breathe...' I just love it.

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