Tuesday, 20 January 2009


Well. That is literally all I can say about yesterday's exam. I think I've found out what Hell is. Really. The second of turning over that damned piece of paper and trying to think of an answer before I've even started to process the first question, was a bit dim, admittedly. I know I got the occasional question right, others, as it turned out, I had either got completely wrong or mixed up with something else. The second freedom was granted from that exam room, everyone dove for their health and social care book, to check their answers, and as it turned out, I certainly deflated. Although, not much, as I never had high hopes for this exam, lest the examiner took pity on me and slipped me the answers. I wish.

Anyway, so I'm checking through the 'Unit 12: Human Development: Factors and Theories' and I realise that, hang on, they asked us stuff that wasn't in the book. This is odd, as the exams are freaking BASED ON THE BOOK! So I found that annoying. How the hell can I pass an exam when they ask you stuff there's no chance you could have revised? They're plotting against us. They must be. Well, bugger it; I'm getting into college one way or another. I can focus on my other (4 bloody hour) exam, my coursework and my art work, to try and get better marks.

If I either get the same or better overall grades for my subjects as last year, then I'm free and clear to be able to do the photography course I want, at the college I want. Providing I get a place that is. The majority of students have found out about their offers, and we're even past the deadline for sending in applications and applying to offers.

Unless you're a 'route B' student (In other words, art student. We have to wait just that little bit longer, as when you're applying for an art course, you’re just not that special.) In which case, my application is ready and waiting to be sent in February, and I'll find out if the college offers me a place then. They better bloody had though, as I only applied to one. It sounds silly, but as they've got two identical courses, if one is full up, they can always offer a place to the other one, and all's fine and dandy, as I'll be doing exactly the same thing. Just probably one classroom down.

On funny note, my Dr at the Ear, Nose and Throat dept, which I have to go to every 6 months or so due to my crap hearing, decided, that as there's also a hearing dept in the Hexham hospital, which happens to be the same Hexham in which I go to school in (QEHS, eat your heart out.) I should start going to the Hexham dept instead, to avoid having to go to the Newcastle one. Ahaha, you may think 'Ah, this Dr is trying to make things easier then?' No. She clearly said, that she'll see about moving me to the Hexham ENT dept. AFTER I finish school, in the summer. Which means, AFTER I have finished my A-levels, and will no longer need to go to Hexham other than to see my sister, my friends, and to go to the odd party. She knows full well that I'm applying to go to college in Newcastle, and the course I'm after starts in Sept (There was a really weird moment, when I first went into the office, when she took this horribly intense interest in my current A-levels and applying to college.) So why is she determined to make it difficult by putting an unnecessary 45 minute drive between college and a hospital appointment? It could be all done and dusted within an hour (providing on the waiting times) if she will keep me at the Newcastle ENT, rather than cut a possible 3 hours, or more, from a day that would be much happily spent doing photography. She probably doesn't like me. I don't care to be honest. I've never had much sympathy for a Doctor's or nurse's opinion of me. They have to treat me. I didn't ask for these things to happen to me. If they don't like it, well dearest, it seems you're in the wrong profession.

Now, I have to go back to see the Doctor in 3 months, so I will truly let her know about her 'idea'. That it's clearly taking the piss. And then some.

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