Friday, 4 March 2011

Photography is dangerous.

Considering I'm really, really clumsy, you can imagine it's a brilliant combination.
  • I have walked backwards into (very hot) studio lights and burnt my back and arms
  • I've tripped over said studio lights and leads more often than strictly necessary
  • I've hit my head off cameras. In all honesty I'm not entirely sure how even I manage that
  • I generally drop my film in the darkroom. Seeing as I've usually opened the film from it's casing at this point, I'm not allowed to switch the light back on and there's no red light in the processing rooms, so I spend a good 10 minutes, sitting on the floor, trying to find said film rolling across the tiny room. In the pitch black darkness
  • This usually results in me hitting my head off one of the baths with the chemicals in them
  • And walking into the door
  • And due to the darkness I've possibly put my film in the wrong baths and resulted in a blank film. My tutor enjoyed proving me wrong when I tried to blame it on him loading the film wrong in the first place. No such luck...
  • Hitting my head off various over head things in the studio
  • Dropping developed film on the floor of the dimly lit darkroom. This place results in many a trod on foot, hitting your head off the enlarger, and lots of paper cuts
  • On location shoots are dangerous as hell - I went to an indoor skate park and almost got flattened countless times... it's not really my choice of ways to go
  • General heavy equipment that gets dropped on various feet and heads
  • Static shocks when the plugs don't agree with you... urgh
  • When your food shoot goes wrong, and you have no choice but to eat the melting chocolate gateau and just use another random cake for the shoot. Yes, that was a very difficult day..(!)
  • Fingers getting caught in various scanners. 
  • And weird props people tend to use in their own shoots in the other spaces in the studio, including a stuffed life sized sheep which near gave me a heart attack (and giggles from my friends..)
Clearly I've chosen the right degree. And as I've still got another year and a half to go, I'm bound to have many a ridiculous story to go along with these injuries once I've finished the course.


Gem said...

Hahahahahahaha this had me laughing out loud!

Shame about the gateau. That must have been a sad day :P


Tori said...

lol I can just imagine you doing all that stuff :) xx

Anonymous said...

You certainly have a great sense of humor to laugh at your Oops! moments and tribulations. Wish someone had taken a picture of you with the stuffed sheep and given it to you for posting here. I feel that would have been the laugh of the day..Ha! Ha!

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