Thursday, 31 March 2011

The pain saga, continued.

Let's see... the condensed but informative version of my last week:

Go into hospital on Friday night after being in pain for a few days and actually sick to the back teeth of it. Get admitted, have bloods taken and Xray, etc. And those fun little things like MRSA swabs.. :|. Have port accessed and start IVs. Next day Doc comes in and says Xray and bloods 'didn't really show anything', and as it was the weekend I expected things to be a bit slow. On Monday I get a kidney scan to check out anything there, as that's specifically whereabouts the pain was. They were mainly looking for kidney stones or something like that. Bloke who was waiting for his own Xray at the time asks me if I smoke cos of my cough(!) Anyway, scan shows nothing of significance, and Doc comes in and says it must be a muscle. But I'm still not going home and still on IVs. Getting paracetamol 4 times a day which is doing jack shit as per. Physio comes in and gives me some funky little stretches to do, cos if it's a muscle, then this will help. She also gets them to bump up my pain relief to codeine and ibuprofen. Woo. This helps mostly and I can walk a bit further now compared to when I needed a wheelchair just to get out my room. Get discharged today (Thursday) and read the discharge letter, find out I actually had a chest infection (ta..) and that's probably why they kept me in on IVs, rather than just let me trot off home with a few painkillers to deal with my ever pathetic 'pulled muscle'.

Enjoy the whine?

Haha. Oh well. I'm free now, I can drink endless tea again, not that I wasn't whilst I was in, but that stuff tastes like gnats piss, so I mostly lived in Costa when I could, as there's two Costas in this hospital. All in all, it could have been worse. I'm not the worst off health wise, and I had tv, bought a dongle to keep me sane, and got on with all the nurses and HCAs. Is it mandatory for the guy HCAs to act a little bit gay? I swear one of them flounced out of my room after asking me what I wanted for breakfast one morning. I took a few photos mostly on my webcam out of boredom, and took photos of every culinary delight of the NHS kitchen. Plus I had one late night, very slow, very painful wander, where I got lost but took a few photos on the little camera I'd left in my bag.

I'm sure those nurses are going to miss me with a passion. Especially me swearing at 1am cos I'd hit my foot and knee off the table for about the 3rd time going.

Majorly happy to be out though. Besides feeling like a bit of a burden to the parentals, as they visited me every day and the car park is ridiculously priced, and its just a bit stressful etc, and when they weren't visiting me I was left on my own (throughout choice, I don't mind, but when you're stuck in hospital you don't have much of a choice and it sucksss) and then you're just left with your thoughts too much. I can be my own worst enemy and got upset a few times. It's mad, I never cry, I hate crying and being a snivelling wreck, but the past 2 months have been pretty, shit, for lack of other word, and it's sort of turned me into a human tap! Plus my cousin reached out to a friend almost 2 weeks ago, saying that I could do with a friendly face and need someone to talk to, I haven't spoken to him for a couple of months and we used to be really close so I miss that. He told her he'd talk to me but never did so that just feels brilliant..

Ha, anyway. Photos...

Mostly abusing the webcam out of boredom

Nebbing off O2 cos I'm silly enough to forget my eFlow


 Lots of painkillers to go home with

 My ever sexy view out of my window..
 Okay I reallllllly didn't get this; I was on the 6th floor, and my window opened far enough to climb out fairly easily. And yet they lock up my meds in the little safe. What am I going to do? OD on vits?

 Night time wanderings with costa :D (and enough painkillers to actually let me walk)

 The cafe from the 6th floor view

 Empty spooky corridors

 Stupid wrist band, as per

 'Nother view from one of the higher floors (the multicoloured thing is a cinema...)

Pretty bored just waiting to go home. Apparently Gem likes my socks

Much love for everyone who sent me texts or messaged me and kept me a bit on the sane side whilst in prison ;) Lots of love for Gem who needs it right now with her argumentative lungs (and yet never stopped texting me all week, you legend!) and everyone else (there's a few of you!) who's been having tx talks/assessments/becoming active on the list :) xx


Sophie-Anne said...

If ur love was aimed at me then thanks, if not then fine lol ;) really glad you are home and hope the pain goes soon xx

Gem said...

:D. Yayyyy!!!

Love you Megs!!! So glad you're home!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Megs,

Glad you were set free and feeling better.

Your Nurse

Just Kidding (about the nurse part) :>)

Gem said...

Yay pictures! Your hospital is mahoussive!! No wonder you got lost!!!! Loveeee xxxxxxxx

Kerry said...

Loving the half head pic like mine! Haha! Your hospital looks amazing, papworth has a rubbish gift shop and a canteen, fun! x

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