Sunday, 27 March 2011

Temporary freedom.

I've been admitted. Brilliant(!)

Maybe I should start from the beginning:

A few days ago there was pain in my back and side (I guessed kidney area but I'm not sure it's actually kidneys?), I have no idea what it is, or what's causing it, but I know it bloody hurts. It's more of a horrible ache all the time but when I walk it gets painful to the point of not being able to walk any further, so I've been wheelchaired around places with people's wonderfully bad steering as entertainment and also making me fear for my life, even more than when confronted with the hospital food. I also put the fear into tesco when pushing myself round the place and crashing into a woman's ankle within 2 minutes of getting through the door.

I've escaped for a few hours and I'm at home at the moment. I don't have internet in hospital as I don't have a dongle, and I'm limited to checking facebook now and again through my phone. The room itself is nice, I'll admit. Last time I was on a bay for most of the time, then a room. And I had those shitty patient-line TVs, and the clock stopped halfway through the night. Now they've got a new CF unit which is basically an extra corridor down the side of the ward with a few rooms in. Each room has it's own bathroom, flatscreen with freeview, and a fridge, as well as the obvious bed, table-thing and bedside storage thing. I say 'thing' a lot as I don't know the actual word.. haha. But yeah, it could be worse. Freeview has made the stay bareable as I can put subtitles on and watch stuff I normally would, which is saving me from insanity.

The night I was admitted (Friday, after just getting sick of the pain and wanting to find out what the hell it is) they took blood, gave me an xray and started me on IVs. Not entirely sure what the IVs are accomplishing to be honest. And I'm not leaving on them cos in all honesty I don't desperately need them. I'm on colistin and Tazocin again so colo is making me feel properly stoned as per. I've seen my dr once and I don't think he knows what it is either. He didn't say anything about my xray or blood results (if he even had them? I'm not sure how the hospital works over the weekend) and they've been giving me 2 paracetamol 4 times a day. Not helping at all, won't shift it in the slightest. In fact I was taking co-codamol at home and that was doing nothing too. It's really confusing me! Hopefully they'll let me go home properly tomorrow. I'm not getting any further whilst in compared to at home. If anything, the pain has just increased.

Quite liking it at home even though its just for a few hours. Decent food, company and I can check my email properly! 106 emails after 3 days. Isn't that a *little* excessive?

Oh and just for the hell of it, if anyone's seen Junior Doctors, whilst being put through the terrifying journey to the cafe in my wheelchair, I passed the blonde Dr who was working in the A&E bit in the programme, I think she's called Susie? I found it quite funny! I've not seen the bloke who was actually working on my ward from time to time (Adam, I think) so maybe they've changed which departments they work in, or he's not been on duty. Either way, he wasn't my favourite of the show!


Gem said...

Hahahaha I still find it totally ridiculous that they're only giving you paracetamol. What a complete joke!

I'm watching a foodie programme and he's grating chocolate which is making me hungry. I have pringles stashed by my bed and a random brunch bar...

Feel the hell better soon please otherwise I'll be up to annoy you and everyone else on the ward by sleeping in your showed and having wheelchair races through the hospital (I still refuse to race you on dripstands because you'd just kick my arse!)

Loveeeee! xxxxxxxxx

Kerry said...

When I had my bone pain in hospital they were giving me paracetamol, when at home I also have co-codamol! They are so useless, I also had paracetamol IV and it did nothing! Demand stronger painkillers, I got morphine in the end along with paracetamol and ibuprofen..

Being in pain is not fun and hate that you just can't seem to get across what pain you're in, I remember telling my doc "I'd like to see how you coped going through this pain and you were just taking paracetamol" seemed to do the trick!

:( Hope it eases for you soon xx

Gemma said...

It said on the last episode of Junior Docs that Adam had moved to intensive care so don't get any iller haha!! That Susie had moved to the baby ward, but guess they could have moved departments again by now!
Hope your pain gets sorted, trouble is with codamol is they can only give you it for so long as its addictive and blocks you up! But who cares?! haha! xx

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