Sunday, 20 March 2011

A little bit of everything.

Reading over my last few blogs I've realised I've missed out a fair amount! I'm trying not to write too many long rambly posts as they bore you off your collective arses, but I tend to have a lot to say in one go! I've been called a chatterbox far too many times in my life.

Lets see...

I was thinking over the past year how so much as changed. As in, personally, for me. Physically, I've gotten two tattoos, had my ears pierced 3 times and had a lottttt of my hair chopped off (and you either get people who say they love it or people who see an old photo of my almost waist length curly hair and they go "WOW, why did you cut it off?!") Mentally... I have no clue but I don't tend to go into those territories.

A fair difference, at least to me. I got my ear pierced on Friday, when I went out with my sister. It wasn't as straightforward as it was meant to be...
  • I abruptly decided I wanted the 3rd hole on my left ear pierced as we passed Claire's, and they do ear piercing. So we went in...
  • They asked me for ID, obviously. Cos I look 12. My sister actually FORGOT my age and said I was 18, till I pulled out my provisional [sigh] licence and it shows I'm clearly 19, much to everyone else's, and my own, disbelief
  • They asked if I was on any medication. Usually I'd say no. I said no when I got my tattoos as I wanted them done and I didn't want to risk it. And frankly, the only dangerous thing really would be blood thinners, which I'm not on
  • My sister said I WAS on medication. Lovely, thank you. So they said they couldn't pierce my ear without a drs note.
  • Fuck
  • So we left, and just went to the other Claire's around the corner, hahaha
  • They asked the same questions and I said I wasn't on any meds at all (I can dream...)
  • Unfortunately the first Claire's phoned the second one to say that two girls had been in and were refused as they didn't have a drs note and one was on medication
  • So my sister said it was her, not me :D
  • And the result was this:

(The third one) I did actually want the 4th done too, but that's cartilage and you have to go to a proper piercing studio that uses needles. Claire's uses guns.
[I got the second ones done in August, on both sides and I've had the first done since I was 6]

And I'm aware that you'd probably not be interested in that story but I felt like telling it.

On Monday I had my driving test. And I failed. I was so angry and pissed off. I don't care that it was just the first attempt, I don't care that I can retake. It probably sounds silly, but I wanted to prove that I can do this one thing. Everyone treats me like a kid, which is annoying enough. But I'm crap at tests and exams (ahem, three attempts for the theory...) so I wanted to do this, not just to prove I'm not a stupid kid, but also for myself, to prove that I can do it. The reason I failed was cos my examiner hated me and made me do parallel parking, on a hill. My instructor has never had me practice on a hill and in the stress of the test itself I forgot about keeping my foot on the brake whilst reversing and went a bit fast. Not too fast but enough to hit the kerb before I could stop it. Instant fail. And I hate that as once you've passed you don't give a fuck about hitting the kerb or not.

Over all, I got 5 minors. Most of those came after I'd done my manoeuvre so I didn't care really. I knew I'd made those mistakes and just wanted out of the car. The examiner was a bastard anyway. We explained that I can't hear well, and that rather than speaking he'd have to point to which direction I'm going. Which he didn't seem to grasp! Because of that, I missed right turn within 2 minutes of my test and he said to turn left instead, do a 3 point turn (which went perfect of course, but didn't count apparently >.<) and get back to where I should have been. He mumbled loads too. Oh and here's the kicker, which distracted me throughout the entire test itself:


I'm not even kidding. It was in the other lane, about 50 feet from the main street, flapping for all it was worth. SO many chicken jokes went through my head, but I fought not to burst out laughing. I didn't think it'd help! But yeah. That basically distracted me a LOT. Stupid poultry.

At clinic the other week, Monday before last I think..? My memory is so screwed. It was my annual review, so blood results, longggg chat with the dietitian, xray, etc. My xray is almost identical to last years which is great, as it means that theres been no extra major scarring or anything. It's a mess enough anyway so I'd rather do without more. I did notice a few more marks when last years and this year's xray were next to each other but basically no hugely noticeable changes. My IgE level has finally gone down to 500 ish after being up at 2000+ two years ago. I have no clue what my CRP was as my dr didn't show me that despite me asking. Essentially, nothing was notable according to him, aside from one sugar level which was a tad high. I told him to get lost if he thought I was going diabetic. Add this to sore joints which I've never had before and already being on meds for my liver, I'm not keen on those sort of things! CF itself is enough. CF related diabetes, CF related liver disease and CF related arthritis (which I've been told to keep on eye on my joints for), basically, takes the complete and utter piss. No thank you.

I went to see the Script LIVE last night, and pretty much, it was amazing. They're my favourite band, ever. When everyone was screaming and raving out, they looked so overcome with the support, and that itself was really touching as they love their fans :) I got a few photos, they're not brilliant but it shows I was there, and saw them live, so that's good enough for me! Thank you Ayesha for the tickets!!! (She would have come with me but couldn't as she's now 1 month (ish) post tx! So crowds like that were a serious no for a little bit longer. I called her throughout the entire concert though and she got to hear her favourite song.)

And now I'm packing for Sheffield. The second to last project of my first year of my course (Excuse me whilst I fall over at the thought that I've almost gotten through year one!) is a HDR Panorama. Essentially, it should look cool as fuck when it's done. I'm staying with my friend for a few days, and I'll try and find some places that look good. It'll be an urban-y style panorama, I'm aware that Sheffield isn't the most glamourous place in the country. But I can get there by train and I've got somewhere to stay, so it's done. We've also gotten the brief for the final project, and it's a bit annoying, but I've got 2 months for it.

FdA photography, bring. it. on.


Gem said...

Hahahaha your blogs always crack me up! I'm definately going to go and get my ear pierced again. It looks awesome! I've been faffing around for ages and just never got round to it but now I need a change and a piercing will do nicely :D I just had a great idea that if they admit I'd disappear and get it done but saying no to being on any meds would be a bit difficult with a massive needle poking out my arm...

Yay for lower IgE level!!! I'm guessing they're keeping you on steroids though?

OH and I'm very jealous of you seeing The Script! Big fan and the nearest gig place is Birmingham or London from here so miles away!

Have a good time in Sheffield!

Aaaand now I'm going to shut up!

Lovelovelove xxxxx

Gemma said...

I failed my first test and i was mortified as i'd never failed anything before, the instructor had to press the brakes as I nearly crashed haha! So def fail! Actually you do care about hitting the curb as it ruins your wheels and people nearby see and you get embarassed! lol!
I can't believe they wouldn't pierce your ear without a doctors note, good lying skills there! xx

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