Wednesday, 4 November 2009

'Yup, you're fucked.'

Pleurisy? Still? This is actually getting ridiculous. All I did was hiccup and it bloody hurt. I'm tired of writing about pleurisy and how my lungs hurt with every other fucking breath and how if pleurisy was a person, I'd like nothing more than to kick it's face in, and run off laughing and skipping knowing that the bugger will leave me alone.

Ok, so maybe that last part is new.

I'm gonna be stuck with it forever. I know it. The other night, I was laughing, and I had to [attempt to] try and stop laughing b/c it really hurt. Some days its bad, but other days it's barely even there, and thus it makes it twice as painful when it comes back. There HAS to be something I can do to get rid of it. I'm not pleading for more IVs b/c frankly, I'm too afraid I'll become resistant to them when I'm not technically ill, I'm just in agony when I hiccup, or laugh, or obviously if I sneeze b/c that pulls at your lung muscles like you wouldn't believe. Pleurisy aside, I hardly have a cough and I went on a walk the other day, armed with my camera as planned, and must have walked for more than an hour. It didn't really wear me out (aside from a massive hill, but that's to be expected) which is a plus, and it's the only exercise I've gotten lately.

My physio disagrees that walking around town and going through all the shops is proper exercise.

Anyway, I think the point I wanted to put forward is that I still feel shit where pleurisy is concerned, even after that mammoth of a walk, but IVs have worked in making me better in general. So... I can and I can't win. Which means I can wrap up this blog entry with...


Um.. yeah. And now I'm sick of complaining. Can someone slap me please?


Misha said...

Lol. I haven't had that problem thankfully but I believe walking for an hour is exercise. I hate working out and my docs told me to go shopping lol. He said if I walked around the mall that was pretty good exercise and I wouldn't be bored lol
God Bless

Tori said...

Virtual slap!!!

Anonymous said...

Funny you should wish for a slap. I read somewhere that a slap on the back can relieve painful pleurisy symptoms. - Worth a try?


Megan said...

Dave: one word - painful. My Mum tried manual physio when I had pleurisy really bad, to see if it'd help. And it didn't. It wrecked. Although maybe it works on other people, I don't know. Interesting advice tho.

Kiz said...

Walking round town isnt proper physio? Thats bollocks. Anything that gets you coughing, ur heart rate up, ur breathing a bit faster, is excersize ! We have always been taught that, and walking round town regulaly goes on my Physio form as *type of excersize taken*

What painkillers are you on for the plurelsy? (spelling?) I know it wont fix it, but it will make the pain ALOT better. Co-Codomol works well for pains like that

Sophie-Anne said...

Walking around town aka shopping IS physio!! Please dont take that away from me - thats how i justify shopping so much :)

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