Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Buses are fun.

I mentioned in the last post I went out on Saturday night. Now, I'm usually still quite good with remembering my meds, even when I've been out, but last week I totally forgot once I'd gotten home. Which means I totally broke my several month streak of never missing morning meds.

Fuck. I was proud of that.

The guy on the forum still won't piss off. Grr. It's so annoying as he doesn't even talk about anything to do with CF. When people ask him why in the hell is he on a forum relating to CF, he says 'My mate has CF' and then bangs on about whatever crap it is at the moment. So yes, homicide is looking ever appealing now. That guy clearly brings out the worst in me. I'm not usually this pissed at someone I don't even know.

I started swimming last week. I sort of underestimated how much effort goes into swimming. Like I've said before, it's been years since I actually went swimming that wasn't on holiday, and the first length in the pool practically wrecked me. When I was younger, I could do several lengths without stopping (although I went swimming every week back then, I didn't just randomly jump in the pool and shoot off) and halfway through the first length, I had to stop and hold onto the side railings whilst I registered that this wasn't going to be as simple as I thought. (I said to my Mum afterwards 'I'd forgotten how much effort goes into swimming. I thought it was just floating about a bit'. She laughed.)

Anyway, even though the first length took a lot out of me, with a few rests I managed to knock the tally up to 10 lengths. Which I'm quite proud of. I don't know when I'll next be going swimming but I know once a week is a good place to start, and then twice a week. To be honest, I can go whenever I like given my free swimming in public times.

I went to town today and discovered the following things when I had a coughing fit (b/c I'm that classy)..
*Yes, I'm coughing
*Yes, it does 'sound nasty'
*Yes, it's rude to stare, and I'm very aware of it
*No, I don't think you've 'had what I've got'
*No, I don't have swine flu and the people overreacting from my cough really do piss me off
*Yes, if you don't leave me alone I'll spork out your eyes. I just need to find a spork first, b/c they're pretty nifty.

Any CFer (or crappy lunged person) can sympathise with those things. People always stare when you have a coughing fit. A lot of people get the remark 'Oh, you should stop smoking' but I've never had that, maybe b/c I look like a kid, but then again, I've seen a stupid amount of kids who smoke.

On the bus on the way back, it was packed, so I had to stand. But I'm ok with that as all the old people and pushchairs need the room anyway. Something tells me all the 30-something perfectly healthy workers and business people who had seats of their own were just too rude to give up a seat for little me, but then again, you can't see my CF unless I decide to have a coughing fit there and then and pretend to cough, choke, splutter and practically die all over them in order to get a seat. Which is just too much trouble.

Something that is much better, however, is that I got my DLA into my account. A few weeks ago I got on at my Mum that she was still getting my DLA and I should get it now that I'm 18. So she phoned up the people and they had a mini shit-fit b/c they 'weren't sure' whether I was capable of having it going into my own account rather than my parents. So they sent a form round and I filled it in. And they finally got round to checking it and deciding that I can have my DLA .Which is why I had to haul my arse up to town and suffer the bus: to find a hole in the wall and get my mini statement to see if I got anything deposited into my (pretty empty since I bought my camera and laptop) bank account.

Anyway, yay. I've got nothing else to write but wanted to blog. And I'm sure that once I've posted this I'll think of something else to write. But sod it.


Kellee said...

Kuddos to you for swimming!! I love love love to swim!! M wont swim with me long tho bc he says his hands get all prunie.. He says its a cf thing.. Does it happen to you 2?


Anonymous said...

You dont know me but I came across your blog an yep.
I can totally relate to the people staring at you while you have a coughing fit. It is so annoying! And yes I have been told to give up on the cigarettes, felt like slapping the bloke. Oh well.

Keep up with the swimming

MBNAD woman said...

Another comment that you can add when people are staring at you when you cough ...

"I'm just attention seeking".

When I used to have rip-roaring asthma, I used to hate it when I went off on the train. When I could catch my breath, that's what I'd say. They normally left me alone after that ;-)

Mad x

MBNAD woman said...

Btw: keep up the swimming.

Mad x

Matt Todd said...

I had a similar experience last night when I went ice skating. I didnt realize how much strength and balance i really lost while i was in the hospital. I used to be good, i could skate backwards and do stops and all that. Now i can barely stand. I'm sure it will take a bit to get back to where i belong. But keep up swimming, you'll get back to where you once were. Just need to rebuild some strength.

Lucie said...

Your entries always put a smile onto my face.
The same things happen to me all the time, and I cant count on one hand the times that I have old people coming up to me on buses and in shopping centres saying "better lay off those fags love". NOT polite. And the look on peoples faces right now because of the swine flue epidemic is priceless, Id love to be able to swipe out my camera! haha.

Much love sweetness x

Cough Of Death said...

I wanna go swimming with megz.
psst Megz are you gonna post another bus blog about hamster adventure? lolz <3

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