Monday, 23 November 2009


I'm pissed off with CF.


It's painful to find out that another person has lost the battle. Or that they've made the decision to go with dignity b/c they've fought all they can.

When I find things like this out, I react in two ways: I either get upset (obviously, which is understandable and how you'd expect people to react anyway) or I bottle it up. And I don't think about it. I try and keep busy with pointless stuff. And then when you're not expecting it, *boom* it all washes over you and you realise the truth.

And no amount of ignoring it, trying to pretend its not real, can fix it.

No matter how hard you try.

And then there's other people. Those who are waiting for the call that'll change their life. And it's painful to hear about how hard things are for them. But they're the strongest people you can know. And all you can do is hope they get that call in time.

I just.... I wish I could fix this.


Heidi said...

Me too Cyster! I wish I could fix it.

Kiz said...

Glad you took my advice and blogged it !
Tho im well aware we cant fix CF (yet ;) ) Dont forget you (and me) CAN help lighten the load by helpin each other out. Not just each other obviously, but everyone with CF that we chat too. THAT is our contribution to helping fix CF :-D

My personal one is making you laugh till u hit ur head on something, which is always funny in itself lol...

Tori said...

Pete is wise yet slightly creepy ;) Listen to him xx

Cough Of Death said...

Love you megz. dont worry, someday, not too terribly long from now, we're cure this disease!

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