Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Welcome to boredom. Leave your shoes at the door.

I swear I have not done a thing all week. Aside from work on Fridays although it ain't exactly the most thrilling thing, so we can just skip that part. Although I have to admit, making the beds in each of the holiday cottages is one hell of a physio work out.

It's taking forever and a day for my cheque for my camera to arrive. I suppose its the excitement of getting a brand new, (freaking awesome) DSLR that's making it seem to take so long. But they did say the check would be on its way near the end of Sept. So my Dad said he'll buy the camera and I can pay him pack when the check arrives. I like this idea because it means I get the camera sooner, and can start fathoming how it works before my course starts. If I ever get the start date. Obviously we would have gotten the camera already but it's a popular camera and every place is sold out. I've changed from the Nikon D60 to the Nikon D3000. Mainly as the shops were saying that the D60 is being 'phased out', so I have to get an upgraded model.

Yesterday me and my Dad went to basically every camera shop we found, and had a look at the D3000, to make sure we're getting the best deal. At a camera shop in Gosforth, we were talking to the guy at the counter, and he mentioned how its much better to buy it from a shop rather than online - there's a chance you can end up with a copy, not the legit thing, if you buy it from somewhere online. Especially if the price is looking a little suspicious. And the guy also gave us the brochure for the Nikon D3000. Now I want it even more! There's also extras to get, like the camera bag, spare battery, filters etc. Anyway, the gist and nub is that we have to wait until next week for anywhere to have both the camera and lens available, because there'll be a delivery of them sometime this or next week.

I finally made my colomycin myself last night (I know, I'm 18, I should have learnt a LONG time ago) and promptly cut my finger on the glass vial for the sterile water. Because for colomycin nebuliser, you have to mix water, the colomycin powder stuff, and something else (which I've forgotten the name of. Well done, me). It involves the sharp metal from the colomycin glass thing, a sharp needle and a sharp glass vial for the water.

This is totally going to go well in future attempts(!)


Ronnie "Sickboy" Sharpe said...

I really hope the weather starts to cooperate so you can get to running!


Anonymous said...


Did you know you can get plastic vials of water from the chemist. Had the same problem myself till I changed. - No more cut fingers!!


PS Great blog by the way. Keep it up

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