Monday, 21 September 2009


Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand I have a cold.

Fucking great.

I can thank my little sister for this. My throat hurts SO much right now, and at first, I thought it was maybe me adjusting to the hypertonic saline. But it's not. It's just a cold. A bright side is that I've only just started my 2 weeks of Cipro - the cold should be long gone soon and my Cipro can get to work. It never seems to work well when I have a cold. I've learnt that antibiotics of any kind + a cold = no chance in hell of getting better. At least, if you get a cold when your antibiotics are just finishing.

I'm pretty sure I had a cold last time I was on Cipro. B/c I haven't been on it for ages, and the last time I went on it, it never worked. Not only that, but I completely lost my appetite. Thankfully that isn't happening this time - I'm always starving right now. In fact, more than I have been, which is good, could I be bothered to move and go to the kitchen. I'm kind of hungry like I was when I first started pred - I could eat mountains of food and still be hungry.

Other than this, literally nothing has happened. A lot of my friends have started uni now, and some have moved away, which means that our little crowd is getting progressively smaller. Hopefully the laughs will stay just as big though. My own college course doesn't start until Oct 3rd, and I've already got my camera for it :) Nikon D3000, thank you very much. And I'm practising as much as I can b/c when I get to college, for the first two weeks we'll be showing what we know, and finding out which course suits us best- if I get my basics sorted out hopefully I can jump straight to the level 3 award in photography, rather than having to do level 2, then the level 3 course. B/c if that's what happens, it could take an extra year - so far there is no news on whether or not the level 3 course is repeated in early 2010, allowing level 2 students to take that course in January, rather than having to wait until Sept 2010.

And even when it's all over, I have no idea what full time course I want to go on. Ok, so I have a vague idea, but what I don't know is whether the course (s?) I'm taking this year will get me onto it.

On a brighter note, I'm feeling much better compared to how pissed off and upset I was feeling when I wrote the previous post. It helps to write it down, especially if you've not really got anyone to physically talk to. I do know that these scheduled IVs are none-negotiable - I need them whether I like it or not, whether I'm feeling crappy or not. B/c I know full well if I refused them (although to date I can't remember point blank refusing IVs) then everything would hit the fan and I'd get ill at record speed. Because that's just how things work.

Because of the sheer size of the fecking bricks that are Cipro, every time I take it I'm practically coughing and choking and gasping and crying over everything b/c its an unpleasant bugger to take - its just such a gigantic pill that it feels like it lodges itself in the middle of your throat. Especially if you don't take a big enough drink. And if I take a too big a drink, I cough and choke and gasp and cry over everything in the process of trying to swallow the damn thing.

Not only that, but it tastes disgusting.

I will never understand the need for medical medication-making people deciding to literally bottle the taste of vomit and packing it into the fucking tablet/nebuliser/what ever shit we have to take. Although they obviously don't care, b/c they are not the ones who have to take these things.

Oh well. I'm off to drink some tea. Or maybe some of that lemony stuff that is supposed to help when you have a sore throat. I just hope it's better before I have my hypertonic saline tonight b/c I can't imagine salty water will make it feel better. Or the coughing.


Kellee said...

Hope your cold dies soon =)

MBNAD woman said...

Hope you're better soon. When my son was 6 he was very ill and had I/V antibiotics while in hospital. He was able to come home when they gave him some oral anti-biotics. But there was no paediatric syrup available. Only horse pills. They smelt foul, even when you opened the pot the smell made you gag. I don't know how he managed but the little star forced them down every time. Ah, well. That's what you get for having a spare kidney ...

Mad x

Anonymous said...

Antibiotics wont work on your cold as a cold a viral infection therefore the antibiotics are completely useless towards the cold. Just thought that may help you :) but hope you feel better soon anyways :)

Megan said...

Yeah, what I mean is I hope my cold goes away soon so my antiboitics can work on my chest infections. If anything, colds seem to make antibiotics less effective, hense the not-so-pleased about having a cold.

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