Monday, 24 August 2009

Soon to be a college girl.

I'm an apparent horrendous blogger.

I got my A level results on Thursday. I did good enough to keep myself happy, and bought myself some new boots that I love. I didn't need my results to get into the college course I chose - the original course, I didn't get into because I didn't have a more specific photography A level, and apparently just 'Art' isn't specific enough. So I'm doing a different photography course which is only Saturdays, for about 6 months. There is a following course right after this one, for a further 6 months, and the qualifications I'll get from these courses, I've been told, will let me get into the course I originally applied for, in Sept 2010, no problem. So, I'll have Sunday - Thursday to doss about, Friday dedicated to my new job (Yessssssssssssssss!) and Saturday for college.

Oh yes, I got a job :) Its cleaning some holiday cottages in the country, about a 20 or 30 minute drive away, so not too bad. I'm getting a good pay for it, and start this Friday. It should be easily done - I'm the neat freak of the house, and I'm pretty sure no one has the guts to completely trash a holiday cottage in the country, so I'll be right in my element - Cleaning up, but not having to tidy up anything that resembles a bomb site (i.e. my little sister's bedroom, which I tackle many a time, but it sadly doesn't last for long.)

Oh, even better. There is a forum topic on the UK CF forum site, where someone had written that they don't believe that anyone on the site is qualified to give medical advice. Hahahahaha. For starters, if people didn't ask for help, advice, 'what does this seem like to you' or whatever else where people may give advice that is considered medical (e.g. when someone says something like 'Hmm, sounds like you have an infection') There'd be very little left to the site. Secondly, whilst I trust my CF team and their medical know-how and their diagnoses and so on, I wouldn't trust any random doctor (who would technically be qualified) if they were diagnosing an infection or tried to hack at my port, when they probably won't know much about CF. I have to admit, I don't 110% lean on what my CF team think about what a problem could be, after the whole pleurisy palaver. After months of rattling that got me weird looks when I tried to explain it, pain that was brushed aside with 'Oh, the IVs will take care of that' and being in hospital, with agonizing pleurisy pains, where first, the Doctors wanted to submit me for several tests to check if it was a gall stone. A few hours later, finally being told it was definitely pleurisy (which I had know for a week, thanks to Bree's medical know how), I felt like shouting 'I fucking knew it!!'.

Basically, the nub and gist of it is, is that maybe the people who have been through those things may have the upper hand in knowing how to help, or suggestions for your CF team when they're as clueless with whats wrong with you as much as that passing tumbleweed.

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MBNAD woman said...

Congratulations on the results and good luck with all the plans for working and college.

Well done.

Mad x

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