Friday, 7 August 2009



Bree told me on MSN, literally 10 minutes ago that she got the call 16-ish hours ago (about 1am her time) and she'd been waiting at TGH (her hospital in Canada) for the go ahead. Last I heard, things were positive and a very hungry Bree was anxious for new lungs!

I'll keep an eye on Facebook for any more updates. I swear I have literally no words. I was speechless when I found out, and there were lots of tears of happiness! Bree, you really, truly deserve new lungs!

UPDATE: Bree went into surgery at 7.30pm EST and came out at 5.15am. The surgery went well and she's in recovery. Bree's blog is here. Hopefully her Mum will be updating her carepage site soon. (To read the carepage site, you will have to sign up. Worth it for any updates though!)

Knew you could do it hun, I'm SO excited for you!

UPDATE II: Bree is awake, but still has the vent and other various tubes. Obviously she can't talk b/c of the vent but she can write :D Apparently she asked for a book and her cell phone! That just screams 'BREE' all over, right?!! Bree also said [ok, wrote] that she couldn't believe that it really happened. I'm not bloody surprised! It's so awesome and surreal at the same time. But here's the cool thing: IT REALLY HAPPENED!

YET MORE UPDATES: This was on Bree's carepage site, from Bree's sister. So excited for when Bree is back to chatting away on MSN.

Hi Everyone,

Bree is doing really well, the doctors hope to take the ventilator out today! She's in a lot of pain (lots of tubes), but they have given her a pain pump that she can use whenever she wants. She was able to sit in a chair yesterday for about 2 hours, so hopefully she can do the same today.
She is also writing little messages on a pad. The only thing she insisted on us bringing to her where her cell phone, and laptop! Hahha, not a surprise.

Thanks for all your messages and prayers, we printed off a bunch of messages that were on her facebook page and read them to her yesterday. She is a very lucky girl to have so many people that care about her!

I will try to post again tomorrow, Take care, Ashleigh (Bree's sister)


Amy said...

I was sooooo happy when I turned my computer on and read that see got the call. I'm so stoked I can't even think straight!!!!

HArmstrong said...

YESSSS!!!! soooo exciting!!!!! sending out all the postive thoughts in the WHOLE world to her. she has been waiting soooo long! go BREE!!!

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