Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Oh Colistin, how I've missed you.

I started IVs on Wednesday (Colistin and Ceftaz) and I felt the effects of colistin pretty sharpish. After one day, they started to kick in, which also means that my IVs are swimming about inside of me and hopefully fixing what they can. However, I can't say I've missed the numbed/tingly mouth feeling or the dodgy legs that almost made me fall both up and down the stairs, but I think these IVs are definitely already working. I slipped off my mountain sized pile of pillows the other night and didn't cough myself stupid, so thats a sure sign that it's helping. Plus, when I did my lung function at the clinic, it actually increased. By about 2%, but hell, its an increase. This was even before I was hooked up to the first dose, and you'd expect them to be a bit on the crap side seeing how my lungs have been fairing these past few months (mainly pleurisy, but there was the fact that after my IV dose with mero, I needed IVs again a month later. I hate that stuff.)

Luckily, the side effects only lasted for a day and a half, and I was back to normal [eh... relatively] by Friday. The side effect period gets shorter and shorter each time I'm on colistin for IVs. The first time, it lasted the entire two weeks. It's virtually impossible to explain the crushing headache you have, whilst you have it, without people thinking you're insane, clutching your head in pain.

I also gained a bit of weight, and had a thoroughly boring talk with my dietitian about vitamins, and I realised that I'm on the same dose that I was when I was 6 (when I first learnt how to swallow tablets). And I also need my eFlow serviced. I've never had it checked in the how ever long I've had it. It still works fine, but I suppose I still need it checked. The little sticker on the bottom is completely faded, so I don't actually know when the check was due. But I know it was bound to be years ago. Whoopsie!

On Sunday, I'll be going to my friend's 18th. I'll be the only saddo there not drinking! I don't feel particularly bothered about it if I'm honest - most stuff makes my tinnitus [constant ringing in my ears] go really loud, and I hate the taste of beer/lager. Ick. Plus I need my head straight cause I'll be doing my own IVs. Also, I have no desire to put my liver out of whack right now. I mean, IVs are stronger than your typical daily tablets that your system also has to deal with, so there's no point in drinking on top of all the tablets and hardcore antibiotics that I'm taking.

I'm still checking for updates on Bree everyday. She's doing brilliant from what I know, but it's what you'd expect anyway. It is Bree, after all! The latest update on her carepages, from her sister Ashleigh was posted not long ago (Right now, its still morning in Canada) so as promised, I'll copy the updates here for any movers and shakers that are supporting Bree but don't have her Carepage site...

Hi Everyone,

Bree got the vent out yesterday! The nurses had her up and walking too, she looks so much better with that thing out! They are hoping to put her on liquids this morning and if all goes well solid food by tonight (her only craving so far has been for Earl Grey Tea). She should be moving to 'step down' today, so hopefully she can have some visitors by next week!

She's getting more and more coherent (only taking Tylenol 3 for the pain so she's not drowsy), so I'm sure she'll be able to read all your messages very soon!

heading back down tomorrow, so I'll have more to report then.


Ronnie "Sickboy" Sharpe said...

That's awesome that your lung function went up a bit!!! Now get out there and run girl!


Pegson said...

hey mate...
collistin n hits me like a brick wall especially when i do it via nebs...its so thick...haha it aint my fav

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