Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Oh the pain.

I'm in mega mega pain.

Its in the same place I mentioned last post, down my right lung at the back and across the side. E-v-e-r-y-t-i-m-e I breathe. Its sharp and tight and feels like my lungs are screaming in protest of me taking another breath. I went to the hospital for my appointment today, as we moved it forward from next Tuesday. My IVs were started and the Doc peered at me as I explained that this majorly hurts and for some effing reason neither paracetamol nor ibuprofen works. And its been like this non stop (with no exaggeration) since last Tuesday.

I don't even care that the IVs were put into two intermates. Ceftazadime and Colostin. Each in a (normal sized) bubble of its own which means that IVs will take the minimum of an hour to complete. But if it gets me better, I don't fucking care. I really don't, I just want to be able to breathe normally again without having to gasp in pain every 2 seconds (which hurts more). My sats are hopping through 86 to 95 and that's just not normal for me. My PFTs dropped (although I don't know how much exactly till I get the letter) and took me forever to complete. But the technician lady was incredibly kind. I also have to get a chest x-ray at my next appointment (8th may) since I haven't had one since January 2008.

My sats ping-ponging between high 80's and low 90's is severely pissing me off as I'm freaked out and quite clearly not doing OK. Add this to the fact that I have deadlines for coursework (luckily two out of three coursework units are finished) this week and an art exam next week, which will be over 3 days. And I don't even have my design ideas of what I'm gonna make. Plus a nice big display on the art wall that each art 6th former gets to make. And I'm determined to make one this year as I was too ill last year to make one.

At least next year, if things start to go down the pot at the same time as this and last year, I'll only be doing an art course on Saturdays, leaving me the whole week to be all manic about physio and the like. Although it would be nice to have a job too. I just have to learn NOT TO RUN MYSELF DOWN. Will someone please yell that at me? Cuz I need it, and all I can think is that I just don't have the time to be ill. If this was happening in two weeks time, rather than now, it'd be fine, seeing as my coursework and art will be over and I'll just be dossing around at school, having a laugh, whilst everyone else tears out their eyes revising for exams. Thankfully, I've got no actual exams this June. I obviously won't rub it in everyone's faces when they're stressed to the point of screaming, but I will smile to myself knowing that this time, I get a break.


CFlover said...

I am so so so sorry you are having a difficult time dear..

Boo for low o2 stats and Boo on low PFT's leyts just sum it up and say Boo on CF!

I hope everything gets better for you with the quickness!

RunSickboyRun.com said...

STOP RUNNING YOURSELF DOWN!!!!! There, was that good?

Lung pain sucks. Just try to breathe through it as much as possible and stay on top of Advil. Also, sometimes I think stretching helps to alleviate some of my lung pain, as crazy as that sounds.

Keep Truckin


Bree said...

I'm sorry to hear about your lung pain. It totally sucks eh! Welcome to pleurisy: NOTHING MAKES IT FEEL BETTER AND EVERYTHING HURTS! Someone pushed me when i had it last and i was like, "JESUSFUCKINGCRHIST WHY DID YOU DO THAT FOR?!" ahahaha,...yeah it sucks and i hope u feel better soon!

Gemma said...

Soory to hear about your pain, hope the ivs help sort it out! Good luck with your college work xx

Heidi said...

It is so hard to 'STOP RUNNING YOURSELF DOWN'...You are young and you want to go out and do things...it's hard. Take care of yourself and I hope that pains goes away soon.

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