Friday, 17 April 2009

The infection section.

I think I have another chest infection. I have officially lost count of the ones I have. So, anyway, the past few days, my right lung hurts when I breath (Or hiccup, oddly enough). Its more or less across my back, starting from the base of my neck to the last couple of ribs, and goes across to my side as well. There's nothing I can really do. I've just finished a 15 day course of Cipro, so I always find it weird how I get another infection whilst actually on antibiotics, but its an inevitable thing that you just have to get used to. I'll have to remember to tell the Doc when I go to clinic though, as no one deemed lung pain important enough to phone up and ask about it. Oh, and paracetamol didn't help, so I'm basically a calamity.

I'm coughing loads too which is confusing considering the Cipro, to the point of being out of breath, which I hate, although I did muster enough energy to do a full on assault to the majority of the floors in the house with the vacuum, because my lovely squishy pillow burst, and it was full of minuscule (and very static) polystyrene balls, which I also happen to be sitting in as the little buggers get everywhere, and I couldn't be bothered to bring out the hoover again.

The crispy cakes lasted all of a few days, and were eaten at a surprising speed, so I made another batch of 30 which actually means I've made 96 in total, and I'll probably be making a lot more. I just never seem to like eating plain chocolate which would mean my Easter eggs sit and rot, or I make crispy cakes. I think the answer is pretty obvious.

Anyhow, so its T-minus 11 days and counting till my next IVs so hopefully the supposed infection will get the proverbial shit knocked out of it, although I am quite upset at the prospect of needing IVs so soon after my previous ones. It was only 4 weeks ago that the two week course of IVs finished and I usually have IVs every 3 months, possibly longer (The irony is that it was the longest I had gone without IVs when I needed them. It had been 4 months, and I was hoping these IVs would help me keep to the idea of not needing more until 4+ months again, when everything just hits the fan and you're left thinking 'Shit, things are quite bad' and scheduling IVs when you're only 2 weeks free of them. And that's not what you want to or what you usually think about.

And thanks to Bree, I'm potentially the proud owner of half of Henry Cavill (Bree of course, gets the other half).

3 comments: said...

I like the new (old) layout!

Could your pain be from coughing? Maybe you pulled all of those muscles in between your ribs. I know I do that a lot cause I cough is much and so hard. Just a thought.


CFlover said...

Boo for feeling bad!!
I hope the pain goes away quickly!!

Bree said...

Hey thanks for the mention! THis is my first time posting on your blog!!!! If you have pain in your right lung, it could be pleurisy! As you know i'm the Queen of Pleurisy evidentally so it could be that (at least it sounds like it b/c of the location).

Boo to infection. Cipro didn't work for me at all when i was on it in Feb either - i just seemed to get sicker!

And i want your recipe for crispy cakes. I dn't know what they are but they sound delish!

Get better!

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